The tropical capital of the Northern Territory, Darwin is an incredibly multicultural city spanning 50 different cultures. While the city's population is exotic, locals are beloved for being incredibly laidback; where 'no worries' is more than just a popular phrase, but a lifestyle. From eclectic street markets, sunburnt beaches, indigenous art galleries and beautiful national parks, Darwin is a colourful combination of natural beauty and lively culture.

Darwin cruises dock at the city's harbour, located just 1km from the city centre.

Sights to See

After your cruise disembarks, walk along the wharf precinct where a number of Darwin's historical landmarks still stand. It's along here you can take a tour of the harbour, surf the artificial waves of the wharf pool or head into the city and visit a number of Darwin's museums and galleries. For a change of pace, take part in the daily fish-feeding at Aquascene, located near the city centre. Take a tour of Darwin…

What's for Lunch

Darwin's multicultural population is evident in the cuisine on offer in the city. To gauge just how varied it is, walk to the Smith Street Mall and Star Arcade courtyard for lunch where you can choose from Chinese, Malaysian, vegetarian, Japanese or Australian café style cuisine.

If you see only one thing...

Hire a car or take a tour of Berry Springs Nature Park where you can swim the cascades and enjoy a picnic in natural surrounds.