Hobart was founded in 1804, making it the second oldest capital city in Australia. Despite its mature age, the city remains relatively small and intimate with a population of approximately 215,000. Hobart snakes along both sides of the Derwent River and is framed by Mount Wellington. Rugged beaches, historic Victorian architecture and a hip restaurant and bar scene are amongst just some of Hobart's many charms.

Hobart cruises travel down the Derwent River and berth at one of Australia's finest deepwater ports, the Hobart Port. The port is located in the heart of the Salamanca area, just a kilometre from Hobart's city centre.

Sights to See

Many of Hobart's highlights revolve around its culinary hotspots. Wine, seafood, fudge, cheese, innovative cafes and trendy bars provide hours of endless and tasty entertainment. As Australia's oldest brewery, the Cascade Brewery is one of the city's biggest attractions. Here you can take a tour and indulge in some beer tasting but be prepared to get some exercise; this historic building has over 200 steps. Chocolate fiends won't be able to resist a tour of the famous Cadbury Chocolate Factory where you will be tempted with a range of sweet treats. Take a tour of Hobart…

What's for Lunch

For something uniquely local, seafood such as Deep-sea Travella or Tasmania Lobster served with a local wine can't be beat. Another Hobart specialty is the unusual scallop pie, best bought at the Salamanca Market. If there's still room for more after your main, opt for a fresh apple pie made from locally grown apples.

If you see only one thing...

After disembarking, make sure you wander the historic Salamanca Place, one of Hobart's most iconic landmarks. If you're there on a Saturday, don't miss the markets!