It's not the most fun part of planning your cruise holiday, but get these things sorted so you can concentrate on relaxing and having a great time as soon you embark.

Travel Insurance

It might not happen to you, but you just never know. Travel insurance is an extra expense that most people would rather avoid, but if you do need to visit a doctor or receive hospital treatment abroad, the cost could be far more than you spent on your entire holiday if you don't have travel insurance. The peace of mind that comes with having travel insurance means you can relax and not worry about a thing.


Some countries require six months validity left on passports in order to enter. Check the requirements of the destinations you're visiting to avoid any issues when you arrive at each destination. Your travel consultant can offer advice on the cruise destinations you plan to visit, but ultimately the passenger is responsible.


If your cruise takes you through parts of Asia, Africa or Latin America, you may need vaccinations. Some vaccinations must be taken several weeks before travel and some can't be taken together, so plan ahead to ensure you're fully protected. Visit your doctor or travel clinic for the lowdown on exotic destinations and health requirements.


Some cruise destinations require a visa for entry which may have to be acquired before you arrive in port. If you don't have the correct travel documents you won't be permitted to disembark. It is your responsibility to get any necessary visas before you embark.

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