The capital of Hawaii, Honolulu is the cultural, commercial and governmental centre of the various islands that make up the fiftieth state to join America. The city is a thriving world-class location and received significant notoriety as the birth place of the American President, Barack Obama. The famed Waikiki Beach stands proud as the epicentre of the tourist industry.

Cruise ships dock at Aloha Tower in downtown Honolulu, approximately half way between the airport and Waikiki Beach.

Sights to See

It's hard to beat the central attraction of Waikiki Beach for water-based activities or just lounging about. The energetic will enjoy the hike to the top of the Diamond Head crater for the incredible views across the island. Also on offer are the US Army Museum of Hawaii, the Polynesian Cultural Centre and the Sea Life Park where you can swim with dolphins and if you're really lucky receive a kiss from the cute marine mammal.

What's for Lunch

The hunt for the best tasting noodle eatery can become an obsession but we think noodle perfection shouldn't be underrated.

If you see only one thing...

Pay your respects to those who lost their lives with a day trip to Pearl Harbour and the USS Arizona Memorial, around 15km from Honolulu's centre.

Local speak

In the indigenous Hawaiian language, the name Waikiki means spouting fresh water, aptly named after the springs and streams that fed from the wetlands that once separated the beach from the interior.


We're confident you don't need a loud Hawaiian shirt or a lei as a souvenir of Hawaiian cruises, so maybe your memento can simply be a quality sun tan courtesy of the beautiful beaches.