Located on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia, Split is the largest Dalmatian city. The city centres on the Diocletian Palace, a palace built for the retirement of the Roman Emperor Diocletian in 305 AD. While it may appear like a sleepy coastal town, Split is far from it. Lively and vibrant, the city is a transport hub with a busy port and a constantly bustling harbour and promenade. The beaches are beloved by locals and tourists alike while many travellers visit Split as a stepping off point to its neighbouring islands. Sunny, laidback but never boring, Split is a bustling beach city with much to explore and experience.

Split cruises dock at the Port of Split in the city's centrally located, natural deep sea harbour.

Sights to See

If it's a sunny day when you reach Split, head to one of the beaches located around Marjan Hill such as Kaštelet, Kašjuni or Bene, a picturesque pine forest beach. Explore Split's distinctive history by visiting the Diocletian Palace, climbing the Katedrala Svetog Duje and wandering the streets of Old Split. Mingle with locals at the lively Green Market, also known as Stari Paza, where you can browse colourful produce and unique items. To see Split's natural beauty, hike through Marjan Park or take a day trip to the beautiful Krka National Park.

What's for Lunch

Split is home to numerous family run restaurants where warm hospitality and hearty gourmet meals are a given. For a traditional Dalmatian coast meal, order Pašticada, a beef stew dish served with gnocchi and red wine sauce.

If you see only one thing...

Visit the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian, the decadent and ancient building that put Split on the map.

Local speak

Find a good place to swim by asking a local 'Gdje je dobro more za plivanje?'


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