The thriving cosmopolitan capital of Norway, Oslo boasts first-class fine-dining restaurants, nightclubs and chic cafes. The Norwegians are a sporty bunch and are happy to share their love of the outdoors with all visitors. The surrounding natural environs offer great day trips for the adventurous.

Ships on Norwegian cruises dock close to the harbour next to the Akershus Fortress.

Sights to See

Take a wander through the streets of Oslo and admire the many buildings boasting impressive architecture including the Royal Palace, the Opera House, the City Hall and the Stortinget or Parliament. Alternatively gain a greater understanding of Norwegian culture with the array of museums such as the Henrik Ibsen Museum, the Munch Museum and the Emanuel Vigeland Museum. The Frogner Park containing the Vigeland Sculpture Park is wonderful place to spend an afternoon. Edvard Munch's iconic painting The Scream lives in the National Gallery.

What's for Lunch

A grillpølse, also known as an Oslo hotdog, is good for a lunch on the go. Other traditional meals best enjoyed at a table include Skolebrød, Rosinbolle, Skillingsbolle and Frøloff.

If you see only one thing...

The Viking Ship Museum features two original 1100 year old Viking ships that are virtually complete and in great condition.

Local speak

The Norwegians are so friendly that you'll want to show your appreciation by saying takk.


While the kids might like plastic Viking helmets, we think you can find more tasteful accessories such as the innovative jewellery designs from the stores around town.