Port Vila is the capital and largest city of Vanuatu, situated on the south coast of the island of Efate. As the only town on Efate, Port Vila is regarded as Vanuatu's international gateway and a main economic and commercial hub. The town is built on a steep hill side surrounding a magnificent natural harbour and boasts views of nearby Iririki and Ifira islands. Within Port Vila you will find magnificent ocean views, bustling streets and friendly locals.

The main wharf used by Port Vila cruises is located on Wharf Road, approximately 5km from the city centre.

Sights to See

Port Vila has plenty of shops, cafes and markets to keep you entertained but its most popular sites can be found within its natural landscape. Trek to the glimmering Mele Cascades and bathe underneath the natural waterfall or take a day trip out to one of the surrounding islands and snorkel through vibrant reefs. Fishing and sailing are also popular past times here and are great ways to see the islands. When you've had enough sun visit the Mele Cultural Centre and learn more about life in Vanuatu.

What's for Lunch

Head to Port Vila's hillside or waterfront area where you will find a range of cafes and restaurants, many of which specialise in French and island cuisine. Wherever you eat be sure to sample some of the island's seafood over a refreshing lime juice.

If you see only one thing...

If you don't mind getting wet make sure you see the world's only underwater post office. To mail a postcard home simply buy a waterproof postcard on land then duck dive down to mail it.

Local speak

Want to buy something but not sure on the price? 'How much is that?' is translated to hamas long hem?


Add some Port Vila flair to your wardrobe and purchase a lava-lava from one of the markets. The traditional Polynesian cloth is worn as a skirt by locals and comes in a range of colours.