When is the best time to travel to Dublin

The weather in Dublin doesn’t have the greatest reputation (at least, not by sunny Australian standards). The image conjured when one thinks of Ireland is of a land that is bursting with green landscapes but always with a grey sky above.  How true to life is this vision? Honestly, it’s fairly accurate. But that’s not to suggest that the weather in Dublin is awful year-round – it really isn’t! In fact, it’s rarely anything but lovely even when it’s raining. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect out of Dublin during each part of the year.

What is Summer like in Dublin?

Like their neighbours in Britain, the Irish absolutely love a gorgeous summer's day. While the cloud cover does hang about during summer, the Dublin temperature steadily climbs to about 19°C, which most Aussies should find quite comfortable. Appropriate clothing: Pack a raincoat if travelling in August Don't forget: Sunscreen – it might be cooler than home, but you can still get burnt

What is Autumn like in Dublin?

During autumn, the temperature begins its descent into real coldness, arriving at about 10°C by November. The Dublin rainfall tends to surge in autumn, getting heaviest in November. Important too is that the average amount of sunlight also begins to drop substantially during autumn from about five hours per day at August's end down to just two hours per day in November. Appropriate clothing: Warm clothes and windcheaters Don't forget: Waterproof shoes if you plan on hiking either side of October

What is Winter like in Dublin?

Winter in Dublin really isn't as bad as you think it is. Despite being quite far north, the snowfall is rarely substantial and the temperature likes to jump between highs of 8°C and lows of 0°C. This doesn't stop the city from being beautiful, but it may make it harder to roll out of bed when the alarm goes off. Appropriate clothing: Warm clothes, and boots for the snowy days Don't forget: Set your alarm – just because it's dark out doesn't mean the day hasn't started!

What is Spring like in Dublin?

For many, this is the best time to travel to Dublin. Spring begins a slow but steady climb back up to summer temperatures, starting at about 10°C in March and heading up to 17°C by June. Rainfall also decreases during this period, well below the average throughout the rest of the year, though it does tend to spike in June as the heat picks up. Appropriate clothing: Warm clothes Don't forget: Your hiking gear!