How to get around Dublin

Getting around Dublin is easy thanks to the city’s modern approach to public transport and road infrastructure. From super-fast trains to convenient bike hire kiosks, there’s always an option for getting from A to B.  Knowing which Dublin transport option works best for you will be a matter of considering your budget, you itinerary, and how much of the city you’d like to take in. To help get you started, here are just a few ways you can get around the city in no time at all.


Cabs are a familiar sight in Dublin, as they are in many cities around the world. From the multi-coloured National Radio Cabs to the black and yellow visage of Lynk cabs, Dublin taxis are usually the most direct way to get to wherever it is you need to go with minimal hassle. Don't forget: ride-sharing services like Uber operate in Dublin as well.

Public transport

The Dublin public transport network is among the best in the world with trains, buses and light rail all available for public use. Just pick yourself up a Leap Card on arrival in Dublin and keep it topped up for access to all three services, city-wide. As a note, the train is referred to as the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) and the light rail is called LUAS (pronounced ‘Lewis').

Bike hire

Hiring a bicycle and exploring the city under your own steam is one of the best ways to see the Dublin sights at your leisure. Simply jump on the Dublinbikes website (the primary portal for Dublin bike hire), find out where your nearest bike rack is located, set up an account and you're on your way.

On foot

The weather's great, you've just spent 23 hours on a plane, and you're desperate to stretch your legs. Well, if it's not too rainy, walking Dublin is one of the best ways to see the city at your own pace. Taking a walk allows you to duck into side streets and discover the city's hidden gems in a way that simply isn't possible via mass transit.