Big Cities - Round the World Trip

What you will see on your round the world trip

If you’re idea of the perfect holiday is getting swept up in the hustle and bustle of a global metropolis, among glittering skyscrapers and busy streets, this round-the-world itinerary is for you. Ticking off four of the world’s biggest and brightest cities, before returning to New Zealand, discover what awaits as you explore the bright lights and big city centres of Dubai, London, New York City and Los Angeles.


Dreamt up by visionaries who defied those who said it couldn’t be done, Dubai is a dazzling, futuristic metropolis that has inexplicably surged up out of the desert with skyscrapers that seem to gravity. In true Dubai style, the list of things to do is almost overwhelming. There are few other places in the world where you could be sunning yourself on a beach in the morning, ski – with a side of shopping and afternoon tea – at lunchtime and be charmed by Bedouin traditions in a desert camp in the desert as the stars begin to flicker. 


As far as international cities go, London is a trendsetter, innovator and incubator; it’s a city where out-there creativity isn’t out of place alongside old-world charm. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a regular, you can be guaranteed any trip to London will involve something special to stumble upon. There’s royals to spot, cosy pubs to order a pint in, literature trails to trace, green spaces for a breath of fresh air and recognisable high streets to explore.

New York

New York City is the very definition of ‘big city’. An epicentre of design, food, culture, history and world-renowned icons, this East Coast gem dazzles with its promise of unforgettable adventures. Leave the car behind to hit the streets; city blocks are laid out in an easy-to-navigate network in Manhattan. You can watch the fast-paced activity along Wall Street, browse the boutiques of the Meatpacking District, hit the cycling trails of Central Park and make your way to the pretty brownstone-lined streets of the Upper West Side all in a day. 

Los Angeles

Where New York is fast-paced, Los Angeles is more laidback and buzzes with a different kind of excitement. One of the best places to kick off your city stay is in Hollywood, and with stars in your stars, next you might like to cruise down the highway to the golden sands of Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Downtown LA has had somewhat of a renaissance of late and is a must-visit for both foodies and art lovers. Whatever kind of traveller you are, you’ll find something to love about Los Angeles. 

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