Great Wonders - Round the World Trip

What you will see on your round the world trip

If your bucket-list includes some of the most incredible sites in the world, why not make it easy to experience seven World Wonders in just one trip with this epic itinerary. From the mesmerising Great Wall of China to Rio’s iconic Christ the Redeemer, the World Wonders itinerary will take you on a journey of discovery through the most impressive monuments ever built by human hands. Stand where gladiators once stood, marvel at the mysterious lost Incas and be awe-struck by the ancient city of Petra – this itinerary will blow you away.

Beijing, China

Start your travels in Beijing, China, home to not one but six Unesco World Heritage sites alone. Imperial delights abound, with the magnificent Forbidden City at its heart. This is a royal palace on a grand scale, with 980 buildings including 90 palaces. From ancient experiences to modern inspiration, Beijing is alive with culture, an impressive food scene, some of the most striking contemporary architecture in the world and, of course, the mighty Great Wall which traverses the hilltops north of the city.

Delhi, India

Flying west, your next stop is Delhi, India. A treasure trove of history, Delhi is one of the oldest, busiest and most boisterous cities in the world. Music fills the air, along with the sounds of the street. First, make your way to Old Delhi to explore the original heart of the city and the Red Fort, which was once the new capital of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan – the man who also built the Taj Mahal. From Delhi you can plan your day trip to what has been called the most beautiful building in the world.

Amman, Jordan

Next stop: Petra. This rose-red city of vast mausoleums is carved into sheer rock face and was settled by Arab people more than 2,000 years ago and remains one of the most breathtaking ancient sites in the world. At least two days is needed to do Petra justice. Walking the 1.2 kilometre Siq, or canyon, is like making your way through a mystical corridor, and just the beginning of everything there is to experience in this sacred city.

Rome, Italy

Hometown of the majestic Colosseum, Rome remains one of the world’s most romantic and inspiring cities. Once you’ve had your fill of jaw-dropping, authentic ancient sites – the Forum, Pantheon or Palatino, anyone? – you can move on to those more modern attractions such as the Vatican Museums and St Peter’s Basilica. With its charming cobblestone laneways, delicious cuisine and perfectly creamy gelato, there are so many reasons to feel amore for Rome.

Cancun, Mexico

From Italy, cross the North Atlantic and arrive at your next wondrous destination: Cancun. While you’re not just coming for the famous white-sand beaches, warm turquoise waters and fun atmosphere, these attractions are definitely a bonus. Inland you’ll find Chichen Itza, the best restored of the Yucatan’s Maya sites. Popular? Yes. Spine-tingling, regardless? Definitely.

Cusco, Peru

Travelling south, Cusco is the next stop on your incredible journey. Today’s cosmopolitan Inca capital is also the launch pad for the undisputed must-see, must-do archaeological site in South America: Machu Picchu. With its breathtaking location, Machu Picchu is undoubtedly one of the true wonders of the world. Only rediscovered in 1911, Machu Picchu retains an air of mystery, and to experience the lost Inca city is something you will never forget.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cultural capital of Brazil and byword for decadence, freedom, fun, music and a laidback beach lifestyle, Rio is all of this and more. Towering over everything in the city is Cristo Redentor, or Christ the Redeemer. Perched atop Corcovado (the ‘hunchback’ mountain), the iconic statue, with its open arms of forgiveness, is visible from nearly every part of this vibrant, always-on city. 

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