When is the best time to travel to Glasgow

The locals will tell you that, without a doubt, if you want to experience the finest possible weather in Glasgow, then you should do your best to visit during the summer months.  This is not to suggest that there’s no value in visiting Glasgow throughout the rest of the year, though, because there absolutely is. Only you can decide what constitutes the best time to travel to Glasgow. Just be sure to bring plenty of warm clothes if you plan to visit outside of summer.

What is Summer like in Glasgow?

Summer is the season in which the city is on its best behaviour weather-wise. The sun comes out, the rains disappear, and the Glasgow temperature hits its average highs of about 15°C to 20°C, making it the perfect time of year to soak up the great outdoors. Sure, it's a little chillier than the kind of temperatures we're used to in summer, but imagine how much easier that hike's going to be! Appropriate clothing: Cool weather gear – the locals claim it's summer, but as an Australian you may not agree Don't forget: Sunglasses – it's cool out but still quite glary

What is Autumn like in Glasgow?

Autumn sees the temperature drop rapidly down to an average of about 7°C or below by late November. Along with colder temperatures, the Glasgow rainfall that disappeared in the summer months begins to build again, gradually threatening to become snow. This is the perfect time to explore all of the city's beautiful museums and galleries. Appropriate clothing: Your umbrella, just in case you get caught in the rain

What is Winter like in Glasgow?

By far the most extreme of all the Glasgow seasons, winter turns the city into a beautiful, snowy postcard scene. Like their Irish cousins, the Scottish take the religious holidays at the end of the year quite seriously, making the weeks surrounding Christmas an interesting time of year to visit. Just be sure to stay warm out there. Appropriate clothing: Warm, waterproof clothing Don't forget: Snow boots

What is Spring like in Glasgow?

The moment spring arrives and the snow starts melting marks a sharp break in the amount of Glasgow rainfall. The clouds part, the sun comes out, and the city is green again. This is the perfect time of year to explore the city on foot and start discovering new places. Also, football's back on! Appropriate clothing: Warm clothes Don't forget: Sunglasses, for when the sun returns