When is the best time to travel to Hanoi

The weather in Vietnam is quite varied, so it’s important to consider the best time to travel to Hanoi. Unlike Australia, the city experiences summer in June and winter in December.  As Hanoi is in the northern part of Vietnam, it experiences the humidity, heat, and typical yearly patterns of a tropical country. During monsoon season, heavy downpours arrive in the afternoon but leave after a few hours.  The winter months also have a chill in the air. If you visit Ha Long Bay on a day trip, you'll find it's often covered in mist, giving it a more ethereal appearance.

What is Summer like in Hanoi?

Hanoi temperatures soar to averages of 32°C during the summer months. From May until August, expect high humidity as well as heavy rainfall. Make sure you always have a raincoat and/or an umbrella with you to face the afternoon thunderstorms. Appropriate clothing: Shorts, skirts, t-shirts, and poncho or raincoat Don't forget: Temples are holy places, so dress in loose but conservative clothing

What is Autumn like in Hanoi?

A lot of people would say the best time to travel to Hanoi is in autumn. From mid-September until the end of November, the city experiences cool breezes and a drier atmosphere with average temperatures of 25°C. Enjoy seasonal young green rice, a local speciality, and plenty of sunshine. Appropriate clothing: Lightweight jeans and short-sleeved tops Don't forget: Take a cyclo tour of the Old Quarter to see the autumnal coloured leaves

What is Winter like in Hanoi?

Winter in Hanoi occurs from December until early March. As it's in northern Vietnam, the temperatures average at 17°C, but they can drop to as low as 5°C. However, there's hardly any rainfall. Plus, you can always warm up with a steaming bowl of pho. Appropriate clothing: Long pants and a jacket to keep you warm Don't forget: A scarf, gloves, and thick socks

What is Spring like in Hanoi?

Depending on who you ask, spring in Hanoi starts as early as January or as late as April. Temperatures range from 15 to 20°C. Spring is also when Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, occurs. It's a week-long holiday where locals decorate using fruits, exchange gifts, and wear red. Appropriate clothing: Light, long-sleeved tees and jeans Don't forget: A waterproof jacket as drizzle and showers are common