How to get around Hanoi

Getting around using Hanoi transport can be an adventure. The traffic consists of bicycles, scooters, tuk-tuks, buses and taxis, all racing as fast as they can to get to their destinations. Some drivers will even use the footpath as an extra lane to cut a few seconds off their travel time! However, don't let this intimidate you. Use your phone to find the best routes to get you to your destination. Be alert when travelling on public transport, walking around the city, or hiring your own vehicle. Also, just enjoy the adventure that is getting around Hanoi.

Hanoi Taxis

If you need to get around the city quickly, flag down a Hanoi taxi. Most of them are safe and reasonably priced. However, you should always be aware of your surroundings and be on alert for any scams. It's well-known that tourists often get charged higher prices. Make sure your driver uses the meter. Also, use your phone's map app to ensure you're on the best route.

Hanoi Public Transport

Apart from taxis, there are other Hanoi public transport options available. If you're in a real rush, flag down a green-helmeted motorcyclist. Meanwhile, if you prefer a more meandering ride, experience the Old Quarter of Hanoi by cyclo (a pushbike-powered rickshaw). With both options, be sure to agree on a price with the driver before hopping onto the vehicle.

Hanoi Bike Hire

Bike hire isn't widely available in Hanoi. However, if you're a cycling enthusiast, there is one key opportunity for you to get your pedal on here. The Hanoi Bicycle Collective can set you up with temporary wheels, and their position right next to West Lake means you can immediately enjoy a challenging and rewarding cycle around Hanoi's largest lake.

Walking Hanoi

Walking around Hanoi is a great way to see the city and exercise. Vietnam's capital is small enough to have several landmarks just a few minutes away from each other. However, walking in Hanoi needs situational awareness as the traffic can be random and chaotic. When in doubt, follow the locals as they cross the street or walk steadily to allow traffic to slow down for you.