When is the best time to travel to Hawaii?

With warm and pleasant temperatures throughout the year, it’s not so much the weather in Hawaii but rather how busy the destination gets that determines the best time to travel. Due to its proximity to the US mainland, Hawaii is a haven for American residents seeking a reprieve from the winter cold. This means the holiday season around December can be a more crowded and expensive time to visit. Although there’s little variation in the weather, the trade winds die down in spring and the rainfall also drops off. For many, the period between March and May is an ideal time to revel in all the paradise Hawaii has to offer.  

What is Summer like in Hawaii?

Warm, sunny and humid, the Hawaiian summer offers calm sea conditions and more affordable accommodation. Although the American school holidays can see an influx of guests, this period is generally considered the low season, and this makes for great rates on room prices and rental vehicles. Appropriate clothing: Casual summer wear including shorts, shirts, and dresses. Don't forget: Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

What is Autumn like in Hawaii?

As autumn kicks in, the trade winds begin to pick up, adding great surf to Hawaii's endless list of things to experience. During this period, the Hawaii temperature remains in the high 20s offering stunning conditions for sightseeing, swimming, and exploring. Appropriate clothing: Shorts, t-shirts, dresses, with smart casual attire for dining out. Don't forget: A light jumper for the evening.

What is Winter like in Hawaii?

Winter generally means more rainfall across Hawaii, although this does bring some benefits. This is the time of year when the waterfalls are in their full glory. Due to the lay of the land of the islands, conditions can vary. It can be sunny on one side of an island while it's raining on the other. Appropriate clothing: Shorts, shirts, dresses, and a light jumper. Don't forget: A rain poncho or umbrella.

What is Spring like in Hawaii?

Of all the Hawaii seasons, spring is perhaps the ultimate season to witness the islands at their spectacular best. The days are warm, rainfall has dropped off, and the trade winds have settled to a gentle breeze. To cap it all, tropical gardens are in full bloom. Appropriate clothing: Resort wear, with a long-sleeve option for cooler nights. Don't forget: Your swimmers and snorkelling gear – the sea is temperate and calm.