When is the best time to travel to Ho Chi Minh City

As it’s only eight degrees north of the equator, the weather in Ho Chi Minh is often hot and humid. While the northern part of Vietnam enjoys a more temperate climate, the country's largest city has two main seasons: dry and wet.  The dry season starts around December and ends in April. Many tourists think this is the best time to travel to Ho Chi Minh, especially as the north-eastern winds bring about cooler temperatures. Meanwhile, the wet season starts in May and ends in November. However, the rain doesn't last that long, so you can still do some sightseeing during the off-peak season.

What is Summer like in Ho Chi Minh City?

From January to April, the temperature soars to averages of around 33°C in Ho Chi Minh. It's also around this time that the locals prepare for Tet, the Vietnamese New Year. This is a week-long holiday where people wear red, exchange gifts, and decorate with fruits. Appropriate clothing: Shorts and a loose shirt. Don't forget: Vietnam's northern region is colder, so bring warmer clothing if you're visiting regions such as Hanoi.

What is Autumn like in Ho Chi Minh City?

Officially the first month of the rainy season, May nevertheless has high temperatures averaging 35°C. It cools down slightly in June and July. The rainfall doesn't last all day, so you'll still be able to go sightseeing. Appropriate clothing: A lightweight jumper to protect from cold rain and the sun, shorts or pants. Don't forget: Try the nutritious and delicious tropical fruits in season.

What is Winter like in Ho Chi Minh City?

From August until November, Ho Chi Minh weather is often humid and rainy. The average temperature will cool to around 28°C but humidity will be higher. In September, the Vietnamese celebrate their National Independence Day. Appropriate clothing: Loose clothing and a rain jacket. Don't forget: Drink plenty of bottled water to replenish lost fluids.

What is Spring like in Ho Chi Minh City?

When November ends, dry season begins. December is the coolest month in Ho Chi Minh, with an average temperature of about 26°C. Because of this, visitors flock to Vietnam to enjoy the cool breezes and lower humidity. Appropriate clothing: Summer-weight jeans and a loose shirt. Don't forget: An umbrella can protect you from the sun as well as the rain.