When is the best time to travel to Hong Kong

There’s really no wrong time to visit Hong Kong. Summers can be extremely hot and humid (nothing new for Australians) and even though winters can be chilly, you won’t find a giant snow drift stopping you from getting out and about. The weather is clearly a factor in deciding on the best time to travel to Hong Kong but don’t forget that this city has an incredible calendar of events. Hong Kong loves a festival, so check out what’s on as you’re working your way through which season might be the best time to travel.

What is Summer like in Hong Kong?

Summer in Hong Kong can be hot and sticky. On the plus side, many of the residents tend to leave the city between June and August, so you can expect it to be a little less crowded. This is also typhoon season, so afternoon thunderstorms are common. Appropriate clothing: Summer clothes and possibly long sleeves in a light fabric if you want better sun protection Don't forget: An umbrella or raincoat, and a hat
Hiking trail in Cheung Chau island in Hong Kong.

What is Autumn like in Hong Kong?

From September to November is when Hong Kong experiences Autumn weather, when the humidity drops along with the temperature – but not by too much. Average highs in September are around 30 degrees celsius, dropping to average highs of 24 degrees in November. This is one of the best times to visit Hong Kong, when it has the Mid-Autumn Festival and the mesmerising lantern carnivals that go along with it. Appropriate clothing: Summery clothes. Don't forget: A light jacket or wrap for evenings
Big decorative dragon on the streets of Hong Kong.

What is Winter like in Hong Kong?

Winters in Hong Kong will give you average temperatures of between 14 and 19 degrees celsius, so not arctic but certainly chilly enough to warrant chestnut-roasting street stalls and mulled wine. There's that English legacy. Winter is a wonderful time to visit Hong Kong, as the city is lit up for Christmas and puts on one epic New Year's Eve fireworks show. Appropriate clothing: Long trousers, warm shirts, and jackets Don't forget: A scarf if you're going out on the water… brrr!
Christmas in Hong Kong's Central Business District.

What is Spring like in Hong Kong?

Springtime is beautiful in Hong Kong and although it doesn't have the cherry blossoms of Japan, Hong Kong's official floral emblem, the Bauhinia (commonly known as Hong Kong's orchid tree) is in bloom with its cheery magenta flowers. Temperatures are starting to rise after winter, reaching average maximums of between 21 and 28 degrees celsius. Appropriate clothing: Layers, including a warm jacket Don't forget: the sunscreen
The beautiful pink flowers of the Bauhinia variegate.