What are the best parks in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has many beautiful parks and gardens and offers up a variety of green spaces in which visitors and residents alike can relax and take time out from the city. Some of the parks are vast, such as Victoria Park, which was named after Queen Victoria and is the biggest park on Hong Kong Island. Other parks have different reasons for being, such as Kowloon Walled City Park, built on the site of the once-lawless Kowloon Walled City, which surprises visitors with eight floral walks named for the plants and flowers that grace the paths. Read up on just some of the parks in Hong Kong, below.

Sung Wong Toi Park

This small, beautiful park holds a very important relic and is well worth a visit for its historical significance. The boulder in the park has an inscription which dates from around 1279, and is believed to commemorate the last two boy emperors of the Southern Song Dynasty, Zhao Shi and Zhao Bing.
Sung Wong Toi Park, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Park

Positioned between towering mountains and glittering skyscrapers, Hong Kong Park is a verdant retreat from the urban landscape. Built on the former garrison site of Victoria Barracks in the bustling Central district of the city, this eight-hectare park marries artificial surrounds with green gardens, in fact there is actually a marriage registry within the park should you feel the urge to tie the knot.
Hong Kong - parks - Hong Kong

Victoria Park

As the largest park on Hong Kong Island, it's not surprising that Victoria Park is the home of several major festivals in the Hong Kong calendar year, such as the Flower Market before Chinese New Year and various lantern carnivals during the mid-Autumn festival. The park is a sprawling oasis of green, where you can go for a jog, join a game of footy or simply escape from the busy city.
Victoria Park Causeway Bay in Hong Kong.

Nan Lian Garden

Built in the style of the Tang Dynasty, Nan Lian Garden is a tranquil green space set amongst the high-rise apartments of Diamond Hill. Over 3.5 hectares, the meticulously landscaped garden is where you'll find every element precisely where it should be according to ancient rules and methods. Each rock, hill, plant, body of water and timber structure is placed in just the right spot – and the experience is magical.
Pagoda of Nan Lian garden in Hong Kong.

Tsuen Wan Park

Situated near the Tsuen Wan Ferry Pier, this garden plays off its waterside location and has adopted a quirky nautical theme. It's a great place to take the kids, with the children's cycling area featuring a giant sandcastle-shaped tunnel and lookout tower which overlooks the park. The lush, green space is dotted with flying fish and dolphin sculptures throughout.
Tsuen Wan Park, Hong Kong.