How to get around Las Vegas

Navigating the city is easy with so many Las Vegas transport options available. While stretch limousines and helicopters are all viable options for those who’ve found success inside the casinos, public transport in Vegas can prove much more practical. Las Vegas is also a very walkable city. With so much to see, sometimes the best place to be is street level. If walking, just make sure to plan for the weather. The Mojave Desert can get quite warm!

Las Vegas Taxis

Taxis in Vegas are quite affordable in comparison to Australia. However, it's good to know in advance that many Vegas taxis won't accept credit card payment. Always ask before entering the cab whether the driver will accept card, and make sure to carry some extra cash on you in the event that they don't. It's also custom in the United States to tip taxi drivers, so use the 15-20% rule at your own discretion.

Las Vegas Public Transport

Public transport is your cheapest method of transportation around Las Vegas. For a sightseeing adventure along The Strip, try the Las Vegas Monorail. The basic rail system stops at many major locations along Las Vegas Boulevard. The RTC bus service also travels through The Strip and has an alternative route that leads downtown. Most major hotels and casinos have a bus stop located conveniently outside.

Walking Las Vegas

If your plans revolve primarily around The Strip, walking is ideal. The entire length of The Strip is pedestrian-friendly, with marked crossings at all major intersections. There's always a lot to see and do along the 6.7km Vegas Boulevard. With this length in mind, make sure to plan accordingly – walking from end to end might be challenging or even impossible, especially since there are so many things to stop and look at along the way!