London things to do

When searching for the best things to do in London, it’s easy to see why you could spend weeks in the British capital alone. From historic places to visit in London to the city’s modern attractions, your to-do list is bound to be long!  Between British politics and royal palaces, London is filled with must-see landmarks. Explore inside the historic Tower of London, rise above the city on the London Eye and wander the historic streets between.

Explore Tower Bridge and The Tower of London

Tower Bridge is one of the most recognisable bridges in the world. Built in the late 1800s, the bridge is fascinating inside and out. Admire the view from the river banks before exploring the Tower Bridge Exhibition inside – it's not only fascinating, but it's also located up high inside the actual bridge so it has magnificent views (and glass floors). Afterwards, be sure to explore the Tower of London, a historic fort complex built in the 11th century and home to the Crown Jewels. It was the Tower of London that inspired the name and Victorian Gothic design of the Tower Bridge.
Detail of the Tower of London.

Glimpse royal life at Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace

Catch the spectacle of the changing of the guard at 11:30am every second day or daily during Summer at the front gates of Buckingham Palace. If you're here at the end of Summer, during August and September Buckingham Palace opens its door to the public, so you can admire 19 of the palace's lavish state rooms. Kensington Palace, at one end of Hyde Park, is where Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge live when in London. The main part of the palace is closed to the public, however the State Apartments, historic Orangery and part of the grounds are accessible. Highlights include the King's Gallery, housing the most precious art of the Royal Collection, the grand staircase, the Queen's drawing rooms and bedroom.
Buckingham Palace in London, England.

Visit Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

The Palace of Westminster, more commonly known as the Houses of Parliament are one of the most recognisable buildings in London. Built in the Gothic style in the 1840s – 1860s, following a fire that destroyed the previous building, it is most famous for the Elizabeth Tower, more commonly called Big Ben. What many people don't know is that the name Big Ben actually refers to the bell inside the tower that chimes on the hour alongside the ticking of the four clocks on the outside. The best view of the Gothic building is from across the river Thames, or on Westminster Bridge. If you want to see inside, guided tours are available every Saturday, however tours of the tower are only open to U.K residents.
Big Ben and Westminster Bridge in London.

Ride the London Eye

One of London's most famous attractions, the London Eye is a favourite for young and old alike since the Ferris wheel was erected to celebrate the new Millennium. Perched on the banks of the River Thames, once your cabin reaches the very top you'll be flabbergasted by the city skyline views from 135 metres high in the sky. On a clear day, you can catch sight of 55 iconic London landmarks throughout the 30 minute ride. It's certainly a great way to familiarise yourself with the city! Three-and-a-half-million passengers every year can't be wrong.
The London Eye and Westminster Bridge in England, after rain.

See inside Westminster Abbey

Possibly England's most recognisable church, Westminster Abbey has been the venue for royal crowning, weddings, memorials and other celebrations for no less than nine centuries. Aside from its celebratory history and impressive interior, the church has also been the burial site for monarchs and aristocrats, with almost all royals buried here until the 1700s. Other notable graves here include physicist Isaac Newtown and the father of evolution, Charles Darwin.
Westminster Abbey in London, UK.

See a musical in the West End

The beating heart of London’s creative show business, West End is the place to see first-run musicals and sell-out, world class theatre. The neighbourhood is also buzzing with trendy and elegant bars and restaurants for a pre- or post-show dinner and drink.
Stage door of West End theatre, London.

Catch a Show at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

A replica of the original, where William Shakespeare premiered most of his works, the present day Globe Theatre touts a circular shape with open roof and wood-and-thatch design, very similar to the original, which was opened in 1599 just 200 metres from the present theatre. Catch a brilliant theatrical performance and feel history come to life with plays, musical concerts events and workshops.
The reconstructed Globe on the south bank of the Thames in London, a wonderful place to visit.

Learn History at the British Museum

London has over 170 museums, most of which are free. The British Museum is home to an incredible collection of ancient Egyptian, Roman, Middle Eastern and European relics, including the famed Rosetta Stone and Parthenon Sculptures, the British Museum is one of the most famous in the world. The building is impressive too, built in the 19th century, and designed by various architects. Highlights include the Quadrangle building and Weston Hall.
The British Museum in London, UK.

Explore more of London’s Excellent Museums

The Victoria & Albert Museum is London's destination for design and decorative arts, with a dazzling collection of fashion, jewellery, furniture and sculpture from right around the globe. The Natural History Museum is known for its dinosaur and rare animal collections, while the science museum brings fascinating facts to life. There is also Scotland Yard, the Crime Museum and the Old Operating Theatre.
'Life in the Hareem' by John Frederick Lewis Victoria & Albert Museum.