What are the best beaches in Los Angeles?

Southern California is known for two things: movies and beaches, and you’ve probably seen most of these beaches in a movie. With so many beautiful seaside locations, Los Angeles beaches rank among the most well-known in the state.  There’s a spot by the water for everyone, from surfing beaches to craggy inlets perfect for a picnic. The perfect holiday destination if you’re the sort of traveller who loves fun in the sun, California’s gorgeous beaches await. Grab your sunscreen and prepare to explain to the locals what you mean when you say ‘togs’.

Venice Beach

Home to the iconic Venice Beach Boardwalk, Venice has long been considered one of Los Angeles' most creative suburbs and is known for being as wildly eccentric as it is picturesque. Beautiful murals and artworks sit alongside Venice's beautiful Pacific Ocean backdrop as the wonderfully weird locals mingle with tourists headed down the Ocean Front Walk.
Venice Beach: They don't get any more famous than this.


Home to Los Angeles' richest and most famous residents, Malibu is located in the city's northeast and is known for its palatial homes and affluent atmosphere. This is also where some of Los Angeles' most stunning beaches lie, including the famous Surfrider Beach, the Leo Carrillo State Park, and the gorgeous Malibu Bluffs Park. Called ‘The Bu'' by locals, this is a must-visit for surfers of any age.
Classic Malibu Beach captures the spirit of LA.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is possibly the most well-known of Los Angeles' many beaches, home to the historic Santa Monica Pier and its many attractions, cafes and hotels. It's a wildly popular tourist spot, attracting surfers from around the world looking to add one of the USA's greatest beaches to the list of waves they've ridden.
Santa Monica Beach is one of California's favourites.

El Matador Beach

Are you still in Malibu? Good! El Matador Beach is one of Malibu's finest beaches that, while perhaps a bit rocky for surfing, is perfect for just relaxing by the water. Located at the base of the Malibu Bluffs, the picturesque surrounds create a small bay. This is an idyllic place to get back to nature and get some quality sun in the city of angels.
View of El Matador beach in Southern California.

Zuma Beach

But we know you aren't done with Malibu just yet! Zuma Beach is a long, sandy stretch of coastline that's perfect for a walk or a sunbake when you're taking a break from your hectic tour schedule. The swell is often quite flat, which means Zuma is the perfect beach for a swim. Zuma Beach is quite popular in the summer though, so make sure you arrive early.
Enjoy some Californian sun at Zuma Beach.