When is the best time to travel to Los Angeles?

Here’s the great thing about planning a trip to Southern California: you never really have to worry about the Los Angeles weather.  Known for its perennially warm, sunny climate, Los Angeles is gifted with near-perfect weather conditions year-round. This makes putting together a tour itinerary extremely easy, especially if you’re the sort of person who wants get out there and explore the great American outdoors. There are wonderful things to be seen and done any time of year in Los Angeles.

What is Summer like in Los Angeles?

Summer is one of Los Angeles' most popular periods with tourists arriving from all over to enjoy the sunshine. Interestingly, summer is one of the only times of the year you'll see any Los Angeles rainfall. Early summer is ruled by what the locals call June Gloom, a month of on-again, off-again drizzle and mild temperatures. The scorching Los Angeles summer begins promptly in July. Few would disagree that summer remains the best time to visit Los Angeles. Appropriate clothing: A short-sleeve shirt, shorts, and thongs (or ‘flip-flops'!). Don't forget: Use plenty of sunscreen, drink plenty of water.

What is Autumn like in Los Angeles?

As the blazing summer heat begins to dissipate, autumns brings a fresh form of heat in the warm Santa Ana winds blowing in from the south. Autumn in Los Angeles is, for the most part, still quite warm and dry, which makes it perfect beach weather. The bustling tourist season is ending and the traffic eases back to its regular level of chaos. The change of weather also allows the air pollution to clear, revealing deep blue Californian skies. Appropriate clothing: Jeans and a short-sleeve shirt. Don't forget: Your TAP Card for getting around now that the crowds are thinning.

What is Winter like in Los Angeles?

Winter in Los Angeles is very similar to winter in south-east Australia – highs of 20°C and lows of about 9°C overnight. While the water might be a little cold to go into now, there's still plenty to see, the city's attractions remain open and, during the day, you still won't have to rug up. This is perhaps the most beautiful of all Los Angeles seasons. Appropriate clothing: Jeans and a jumper. Don't forget: Sunglasses – the winter sun can be glary!

What is Spring like in Los Angeles?

Spring is when the Los Angeles temperature reaches its lowest ebb and begins to climb back up. Starting at an average of around 14°C but climbing back to highs of 20°C by April, spring is the perfect time to visit if you prefer milder temperatures and far less hustle and bustle. With the temperatures reasonably low, sites are less crowded and the traffic less hectic. Appropriate clothing: Jeans and a jacket. Don't forget: Sunscreen – it may be colder, but the sun blazes on.