How to get around Los Angeles

Los Angeles transport can be a tough nut to crack. Time management is the key to a great Los Angeles holiday because, as the second-most populous city in the country, Los Angeles has a lot of traffic. What looks like a simple 15-minute journey on Google Maps may actually take you 40 minutes or more depending on the time of day and your mode of transport. As such, getting around Los Angeles is all in the planning. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get from A to B.

Los Angeles Taxis

Taxis are among the most direct ways to get to where you're going in LA, but they may not be your best option if you're in a hurry – you don't want to get stuck in traffic! That said, taking a Los Angeles taxi can get you from one side of the city to another quite quickly if the conditions are just right. Uber and Lyft also offer competitive rates for the same service.
Los Angeles taxis, Uber or Lyft services can take you directly to your destination.

Los Angeles Public Transport

Los Angeles public transport remains one of the most affordable and reliable ways to get around town. Colour-coded train lines run right across the city so you'll always know where you're headed, and an extremely extensive bus network picks up the slack everywhere else. Just head to any supermarket close to your hotel and pick up a weekly TAP Card. This will allow you to ride on any train or bus across the city for only a dollar or two at a time.
Los Angeles trains cover a vast network.

Los Angeles Bike Share

If you plan to be in one location for a few days but still want to get out and explore the wider area, getting on board with Los Angeles Metro Bike Share is a great idea. Rent a bike from one of the many kiosks and get moving! This is a great way to get around town and see everything nearby at your own pace.
Why not hire a bicycle while you're in Venice Beach, LA, California?

Walking Los Angeles

The key to walking Los Angeles is to keep things simple. When touring on foot, always remember that Los Angeles is a huge city. It's not uncommon to pull up a route on Google Maps that looks quite short only to discover you have a 50-minute walk ahead of you. This distance factor is why so many people choose to drive instead. If walking, just keep it local!
Hit the beachfront and take a stroll in LA's Venice Beach.