When is the best time to travel to Madrid

The best time to travel to Madrid is truly a subjective matter – and it’s not just the weather in Madrid you need to consider. With so many festivals and events filling up the calendar year-round, no matter when you decide to visit you are certainly guaranteed to experience a European metropolis brimming with fun, food, entertainment, and culture.  To paraphrase Ernest Hemingway: to go to bed in Madrid seems a little strange. No matter what season or hour of the day, Madrid is made to be enjoyed. Also, as one of Europe’s sunniest cities, making the most of the public squares and gardens should be no problem!

What is Summer like in Madrid?

Summer in Madrid is a toasty affair. Running from June through August, the days are hot and sunny and the evenings are warm. Daytime temperatures average 31°C, with peaks in July of anywhere up to 40°C. August in Madrid also marks a period where many locals take their summer holidays and escape to the coast. Find a nice cool bar and escape the steamy streets! Appropriate clothing: Light clothing and breathable shoes. Don't forget: Book accommodation with air-conditioning.

What is Autumn like in Madrid?

Autumn in Madrid is best described as mild. The summer heat continues through until October, when it tends to turn cold. With temperatures ranging between 25 and 27°C as the months progress, autumn is also a time when you may experience some of Madrid's rare rainfall. Appropriate clothing: Light clothes with a light jumper. Don't forget: A raincoat, just in case!

What is Winter like in Madrid?

Rug up! Winter is the coldest time of year in Madrid. With temperatures sitting around 10°C for most of the season and night-time lows of 4°C, staying warm is a priority from December through February. The winter scenery, however, is truly stunning. With the chance of snow towards the end of December, the air is crisp and the excuse to grab a hot churro is warranted. Appropriate clothing: A warm winter coat, scarf and beanie. Don't forget: To try Cocido Madrileno, a traditional winter pork stew.

What is Spring like in Madrid?

Spring is the perfect balance of Madrid's climate of two extremes. Running from March through April, the spring months are spectacularly welcoming. With the average temperature topping a pleasant 21°C, the sun is out and the weather is perfect for alfresco wining and dining. Spring is also a popular time for tourists, so make sure to take that into consideration when planning your itinerary. Appropriate clothing: Suitable clothing for cool nights and warm days. Don't forget: Your sunglasses.