How to get around Madrid

Despite covering approximately 604 square kilometres, getting around Madrid is easy. Transport options are greatly accessible, excellently affordable, and your choices are almost endless. Whether exploring the city on foot, by taxi, bus, train or bike, Madrid is very travel-friendly. Public transport runs frequently and the timetables thankfully extend from the early morning to late evening. No matter where you find yourself, there will no doubt be something worth your while to explore!

Madrid Taxis

If you need to get somewhere in a hurry, or just simply prefer comfort over bustling metro systems, take a taxi. Taxis in Madrid run at all hours and are clearly marked to avoid confusion or fraud. When the green light is on, that means you can safely hail for a taxi on the street. Taxi ranks can also be found at most major landmarks and tourist precincts.

Madrid Public Transport

The best access to Madrid's major attractions and landmarks is the city metro bus and rail system. The public transport system is safe, clean, quick and affordable with three tram lines, 13 metro lines and 107 bus routes servicing the entire city. Tourist passes are available for unlimited use during a desired period of up to seven days.

Madrid Bike Hire

If you're up for a bit of sightseeing but want to take it at your own pace, Madrid's cycle hire is an excellent and affordable option. A healthy and ecological alternative to exploring the city, the BiciMAD hire scheme boats 1,560 e-bikes for hire, 3,126 docks, and 123 docking stations. You can even download an app to find out how many bikes are available in your area.

Walking Madrid

Madrid's relatively small city centre and myriad town squares, parks, gardens and walking tracks make it an easily accessible and pedestrian-friendly destination. With the city centre boasting so many stunning attractions, walking is often your best bet for discovering the authentic side to Madrid that the locals know and love. Walking tours are also available if you feel like learning a little something you wouldn't have otherwise known about the Spanish capital.