When is the best time to travel to Manchester

When picking the best time to travel to Manchester consider what you’d like to do during your holiday. If getting outdoors to parks like Wythenshawe or Platt Fields is important, visit during the summer months. Should your holiday itinerary largely consist of exploring the city’s historic side, then autumn and winter are the ideal time to explore indoor attractions like the National Football Museum and the John Rylands Library.  Also, bear Manchester’s geographical location in mind. Even if you’ve visited the UK before, Manchester’s northern position means you may find it slightly cooler than some southern UK destinations.

What is Summer like in Manchester?

Summer in Manchester is between June and August. The highest temperatures hit in July when the average is 16°C, but prepare for a few mid to late 20°C temperatures to creep in between late July and August. Daylight can stick around until as late as 9pm, so make the most of the long days and fine weather by exploring Manchester's outdoor attractions. Appropriate clothing: Shorts, skirts and dresses for daytime, and long-sleeve tops and jeans for cooler evenings Don't forget: Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat

What is Autumn like in Manchester?

From September through to mid-November, the autumn weather starts to set in. Temperatures in Manchester will begin to fall, getting as low as 3°C. The tree leaves will turn beautiful shades of red, orange and gold. Autumn is also when Manchester gets most of its rainfall. Visiting in October? Make sure you bring a brolly and waterproof jacket. Appropriate clothing: Closed-toe footwear, trousers, jeans, and long-sleeve tops Don't forget: A waterproof jacket and umbrella

What is Winter like in Manchester?

As Manchester is located in the north of England, you can expect extra chilly weather during the winter months. Between late November and February, temperatures can drop below freezing. The cold weather brings its own charm. Morning frosts and the chance of snowfall only add to the excitement of the season. Days are much shorter too, with the sun setting around 4pm. Appropriate clothing: Warm clothing and plenty of layers Don't forget: A hat, scarf, and pair of gloves to keep the chill out

What is Spring like in Manchester?

Expect the mercury to rise from around March. Spring starts to thaw the city out after winter with temperatures slowly creeping up between 9°C and 13°C. You'll also notice the days getting longer. Explore outdoor attractions later into the evening, before heading inside to one of the many bars or restaurants along Deansgate or Castlefield to avoid the cooler evening air. Appropriate clothing: Trousers and long-sleeved tops for the evening, and t-shirts for finer spring days Don't forget: A jacket and umbrella – spring showers can occur randomly and often