Melbourne travel guide

Carlton for authentic Italian food, Footscray for Ethiopian eateries, the best Greek food outside of Greece and – you get the idea. Set to become Australia’s most populous city in the next few years, Melbourne is a hub of cultures, characters and irrepressible creative energy. It has the country’s most enviable events calendar, with festivals for music, film, design, food, wine and theatre, as well as sports events that stop the nation. If you’re planning a holiday in Victoria’s capital, explore our Melbourne travel guide and find out how to make the most of your time in this dynamic city. We’ve collected the best tips from our travel experts, and have the best advice on things to do, when to travel (including which super busy weekends to avoid), where to stay, getting around and more. There’s also a guide to Melbourne Airport if you’re jetting in from out of town.

Where to stay

Melbourne is a vibrant, diverse city, and each suburb has a distinct vibe of its own. Some of the best areas to stay in Melbourne include fashionable Fitzroy for a touch of class, Southbank if you love the buzz of the city’s cafe and restaurant culture, St Kilda for a relaxing day by the sea, and Brunswick for the true bohemian Melbourne experience.

Things to do

When looking for things to do in Melbourne, it’s all too easy to find yourself with a very long list and nowhere near enough time to do it all! After all, this is one of Australia’s largest and most cosmopolitan destinations. ...

Getting Around

Melbourne transport is known for its ease of use and great reliability. From iconic trams to the city’s large train and bus networks, it’s extremely easy to get around.  Picking up a myki card from the nearest convenience store will allow you to ride every bus, tram and train in the city. Tap on when you board, tap off when you disembark, top up when required, and use it as you need to. Pair this with the city’s excellent Public Transport Victoria website for timetables and travel itineraries, and all your on-the-ground transport is sorted.

Where to eat

Knowing where to eat in Melbourne is a challenge, but not in the traditional sense. Melbourne takes the quality of its food and drink very seriously, and this can make choosing a restaurant difficult – because it’s all so good! For visiting foodies, it’s a kind of pilgrimage, a quest to sample as much incredible food as possible before returning home.


Melbourne shopping just isn’t like shopping anywhere else. It’s better. From sprawling shopping centres to small family businesses, the savvy shopper can discover treasures without travelling too far or spending too much. If you love a bargain hunt, read through our Melbourne shopping guide below so you can make the most of retail therapy during your stay in the city.

Best time to travel

Picking the best time to travel down south may seem like a challenge due to the famously unpredictable weather in Melbourne, but the truth is there are benefits to visiting at any time of year. From museums to beautiful sandy beaches, Melbourne has plenty to offer no matter the current season.  Knowing what to expect from each season is the key to planning a great visit to Melbourne as this will allow you to put a backup plan in place should the weather turn on you. You don’t want to plan for a full day of sun only to have the rain roll in at 2pm!


Melbourne is famous for its ‘four seasons in one day’ unpredictability, so it’s no surprise that locals are always quick to take advantage of sunny weather. This may also be why Melbourne parks are some of the most picturesque and relaxing in the entire country. Take some time out of your busy schedule to appreciate Victorian flora in all its splendour.  Beyond this, Melbourne’s public squares are equally worthy of note. The people here are collaborative and social by their very nature, and this is reflected in the places they love to congregate.