When is the best time to travel to Melbourne?

Picking the best time to travel down south may seem like a challenge due to the famously unpredictable weather in Melbourne, but the truth is there are benefits to visiting at any time of year. From museums to beautiful sandy beaches, Melbourne has plenty to offer no matter the current season.  Knowing what to expect from each season is the key to planning a great visit to Melbourne as this will allow you to put a backup plan in place should the weather turn on you. You don’t want to plan for a full day of sun only to have the rain roll in at 2pm!

What is Summer like in Melbourne?

Many would argue that the best time to visit Melbourne is during the summer. Summer brings a dry heat that lasts from December to February. Being a dry heat, humidity is kept low but warm temperatures can persist into the evening. This is perfect weather for beach trips and cool drinks with friends. However, you may see afternoon thunderstorms blowing in over Port Phillip Bay as the cool change arrives each afternoon. Appropriate clothing: T-shirt and shorts, or any outfit that breathes. Don't forget: Sunscreen.

What is Autumn like in Melbourne?

Autumn is the time of year when Melbourne is at its most beautiful. The leaves of the city's many deciduous trees turn yellow and begin to fall, transforming the hinterland areas to the east into a riot of colour. The typically erratic Melbourne temperature finally finds a little equilibrium in autumn, resting comfortably between about 12°C and 19°C each day. Appropriate clothing: Outfits for both warm days and cool nights. Don't forget: The “golden period” for falling leaves is mid-May, so plan your trip accordingly if you don't want to miss this.

What is Winter like in Melbourne?

Melbourne winters aren't for the faint of heart. An arctic chill blows into the city, dropping temperatures to 10°C and below. The Melbourne rainfall also makes a reappearance as the colder weather moves in, making the winter months perfect for those who'd prefer to spend their time indoors visiting galleries and museums or keeping cosy in cafes. Appropriate clothing: Jumper, jacket, thick pants, gloves, and a beanie. Don't forget: A good hot water bottle!

What is Spring like in Melbourne?

Of the four Melbourne seasons, there are none the locals love as much as spring. The trees begin to bloom and the temperature starts to rise back into the high teens and low twenties – warm enough to get out and about again! Spring is the perfect time to visit if you're planning to trawl the city's many streets and laneways for surprises. Appropriate clothing: A light coat for dips in temperature. Don't forget: Some antihistamines if you're sensitive to pollen.