How to get around Melbourne

Melbourne transport is known for its ease of use and great reliability. From iconic trams to the city’s large train and bus networks, it’s extremely easy to get around.  Picking up a myki card from the nearest convenience store will allow you to ride every bus, tram and train in the city. Tap on when you board, tap off when you disembark, top up when required, and use it as you need to. Pair this with the city’s excellent Public Transport Victoria website for timetables and travel itineraries, and all your on-the-ground transport is sorted.


As in many cities around the world, one of the most common sights on Victorian roads is that of the humble Melbourne taxi. Multiple taxi companies operate across Melbourne, all of which offer different levels of service. From Silver Top to the familiar pale yellow taxis, taking a cab is still the most direct way to get to your destination.
A Melbourne taxi will take you door to door.


Melbourne's bus network is wide-ranging but is often forgotten in the face of trains and trams. Easy to read, each stop is clearly labelled with the lines it hosts and where they will be stopping. Most will let you know when to get off should you require a connecting bus, making getting around Melbourne a breeze.
Getting around Melbourne by bus is easy.


Trams are the most enduring Melbourne public transport tradition. They've been in place forever, are extremely quick, convenient and efficient, and locals wonder how other cities do without them. Melbourne trams typically appear at each stop once every 10-15 minutes, and there's a stop at every major city attraction. Staying in the CBD? Enjoy the Free Tram Zone!
Trams are one of the best ways to get around the city in Melbourne.

Bike share

Melbourne Bike Share is a great way to see the city at your own pace and on a budget. Get yourself a daily or weekly subscription through the Bike Share website, locate one of the many racks of blue share bikes throughout the city, and get on your way! Helmets are provided free of charge and are available at each rack.
Bike Share is a great way to explore Melbourne.

On foot

There's still a lot to be said for exploring a new city on foot, and Melbourne is certainly built for that. With extensive pedestrian trails through the CBD and suburbs, walking Melbourne is easily one of the best ways to see the city and uncover secrets and laneways you'd never find on a bike or in a car. Take your time!
Young couple walking through Birrarung Marr in Melbourne, Australia.