Best time to travel to Munich

A continental climate means that Munich weather features hot summers and cold winters. If you plan to visit during Oktoberfest, remember to bring some warm clothes. Low season in Munich (outside of the Christmas and holiday season) means less crowds, but the cold weather will have set in.  The best time to travel to Munich very much depends on your plans during your visit – whether you want to explore Christmas markets, enjoy the beautiful parklands, or enjoy a cold beer in a traditional beer garden.

What is Summer like in Munich?

Summer in Munich is the high season for tourism, with many festivals dominating the city's calendar. Temperatures average between 20°C and 23°C during the day, so it's perfect for spending the day outside, relaxing in one of the city's parks or enjoying a drink in the beer gardens. Rainfall in Munich is at its highest during June. Appropriate clothing: Shorts or a skirt and a t-shirt Don't forget: A raincoat

What is Autumn like in Munich?

Autumn is one of the best times to travel to Munich, although it's also one of the busiest. The days tend to be sunny throughout October (ideal for Oktoberfest visits) while November tends to bring much colder weather. Autumn often brings the wind, with temperatures averaging between 0°C and 20°C. Appropriate clothing: Long pants and a jumper Don't forget: A raincoat or umbrella

What is Winter like in Munich?

The winter in Munich is cold, with some winds and snow common. Temperatures range from an average of 3-4°C during the day, and an average nightly temperature around -3°C. Winter has the least rain, and February is the month that usually has the lowest rainfall of any time of year. Appropriate clothing: A winter jacket, warm hat and scarf Don't forget: Buildings are very well heated, so layers are important

What is Spring like in Munich?

Spring presents the perfect time to enjoy a coffee in one of the alfresco cafes next to the river, or to enjoy a traditional German beer in a beer garden. The weather tends to bring warmer days and cool nights, with temperatures ranging from -2°C overnight to 18°C during the day. Fohn, a warm and dry wind that descends from the Alps, is also common during spring. Appropriate clothing: Jeans and a t-shirt, with a jacket for the evenings Don't forget: Comfortable shoes to walk around in