When is the best time to travel to New York?

Don’t be put off by New York weather when deciding when to travel to this vibrant city. There’s always something happening, regardless of how hot or cold it may be. If you’re prepared and have allowed for a little flexibility in your sightseeing, the weather shouldn’t be a huge factor. Spring and autumn tend to be quite busy for tourists, as the weather tends to be more predictable. New York rainfall is most common during the fall, but be prepared for summer showers as well, and of course some snow during winter.

What is Summer like in New York?

Summer in New York can be hot and humid, so you'll want to have clothing that breathes. Generally, shorts and t-shirts are acceptable to wear, however you should dress up a little if you are going to a restaurant or bar. July is usually the warmest month, with temperatures averaging around 25°C. Appropriate clothing: T-shirt and shorts or a summer dress. Don't forget: A hat and sunglasses.

What is Autumn like in New York?

Autumn (or ‘fall') in New York is known for pleasant temperatures, ranging from 13-20°C. Dressing in layers is recommended, simply because the weather can turn cold reasonably quickly. The start of fall often brings rain, so be prepared with a light rain jacket that you can slip on and off. Appropriate clothing: T-shirt and shorts or long pants with a long-sleeved shirt. Don't forget: A jacket.

What is Winter like in New York?

Winter in New York can be very cold, with snow not unusual. Waterproof shoes are always a good idea to keep your feet warm, along with a jacket and hat. Most venues will have heating, keeping you warm when you're indoors. Appropriate clothing: Jacket, boots and long pants. Don't forget: Gloves and a scarf.

What is Spring like in New York?

The warmer weather signals spring in New York, when temperatures start to rise. In March, cool weather and even snow can be a factor, so pack some warm clothes just in case. By late March and early April, the snow tends to give way to sunshine, but showers of rain are also common. By May, the weather is pleasantly warm, with temperatures averaging 19°C. Appropriate clothing: Long pants and a shirt, shorts and a t-shirt. Don't forget: A few warm clothes and an umbrella.