Where to stay in New York

You have so many options, so deciding where to stay in New York depends on your budget and what you wish to be close to. Finding the best areas to stay in New York means having an idea of the type of holiday you want to have, or perhaps being willing to spend a little time travelling each day.  Whether you want to be close to the action in Midtown West, or you’re looking for boutique charm in SoHo, there’s no shortage of great hotels on offer.

Midtown West

You can't beat Midtown West for accommodation that's right in the thick of things. Close to Times Square, Broadway and Hell's Kitchen, this area is also home to some iconic hotels. International hotel chains and boutique hotels are plentiful, ensuring you get a comfortable bed. If bright lights tend to keep you up at night, Midtown East might be a better option.
The Empire State Building as seen from Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

Upper Manhattan

Upper Manhattan covers accommodation in the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side. Here you'll be close to attractions such as Central Park and the Met, without the flashing neon and noise of Times Square. The Upper East Side is more expensive than the West Side, with deluxe hotels the norm. The Upper West Side lends itself to midrange hotels that are comfortable and convenient.
Manhattan and its beautiful backyard: Central Park, New York.


Downtown, Soho accommodation is trendy and upbeat, much like the suburb itself. The boutique hotels here are beautifully styled, while the hotels in the lower end of the scale have chosen functionality over high fashion. Close to Chinatown and Little Italy, Soho is one of the best areas to stay in New York if you want to enjoy flavourful dining.
A great place to stay in New York City is Soho.

West Village

Don't let history or the cobblestone streets confuse you – West Village accommodation is chic and modern. While this was once a very laidback, almost bohemian part of New York, West Village is now home to some of the best dining and nightlife. If you're keen to browse boutiques or to have a drink in a trendy bar, this is the perfect spot.
Experience classic New York with a stay in the West Village.


The beauty of Brooklyn accommodation is the value for money. Compared to Manhattan, the rooms here tend to be bigger and brighter, which is perfect if you plan to stay for a while. Brooklyn is only a short train ride from the action of Manhattan, and with a thriving arts and dining scene here, you might feel encouraged to stay.
Brooklyn has its own unique personality and is a wonderful place to stay.