Your ticket to escape is here. Welcome to the inaugural Travel Runway, a collection of the best travel experiences to watch for 2022. Your senses will be transported through five unique runways, from the most enticing islands and beaches, to exclusive food and wine experiences, adventure, nature, and the world's most luxurious escapes.  

The experience is interactive. As you move through each runway, you'll be invited to explore Runway to Reality for expert tips and tricks on the destinations, to Meet the Designers who have created the packages, and of course to Shop the look to take yourself on holiday. Sit back, relax and enjoy the world of travel. 

Meet the Designers

“It’s an experience, we’re not selling something that is tangible, we’re selling memories. And to me, to be able to share that with people is an amazing experience.” 

“I think about the social, environmental and economic impact of everything that I’m doing while I'm travelling. I want to make sure the people that I interact with have a positive experience like I do.” 

“My first overseas holiday was when I was 21, travelling to France, Spain and Italy from India, and the cuisine, the culture, the cleanliness blew me away. I knew after that I wanted to broaden my horizons.”

“Travel to me means truly immersing yourself in a destination, whether it be through experiencing the culture, local cuisine, meeting new people from all walks of life, it’s all about the adventure that can be had.” 

“I’d never been to a country before that didn’t speak English, and it really challenged me, but also gave me that thrill of the unknown, what else is out there, where else can I go, what else can I see.” 

“If I can make someone’s travel experience better by sharing a hidden gem or a place to go and it really changed their experience, then that’s my job done.” 

“To be able to live in someone else’s shoes, to understand the way they live, what they eat, what they think. All those things really broaden your understanding of the diversity of the world we live in.” 

“Working in travel we get to change people’s lives through doing something that we love. We get to see people develop through their first holidays together, getting married, having massive life events.” 

“What I love most about working in travel are the people and culture. Everybody has this buzz about them, they love what they do and that makes it a really fun and enjoyable place to work.”

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