Paris travel guide

Paris is one of those postcard-perfect cities that is just as mesmerising in real life. The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay, Basilique de Sacre-Coeur… the iconic monuments are unforgettable. Then there’s the living heart of Paris – the cosy neighbourhood bistros, the chestnuts being roasted on street corners during winter, the local markets, the crepes made to perfection. Find a quaint little cafe, pull up a wicker chair, order yourself a Rose and soak up the ambiance of the City of Light. If you’re planning to visit, check out our Paris travel guide and find out how to make the most of your time in this beautiful city. We’ve collected the best tips from our travel experts, and have top suggestions for things to do, when to travel, where to stay in Paris, getting around and more.

Where to stay

Working out where to stay in Paris is all about proximity to the city centre and the prime tourist destinations on offer. ...

Things to do

With renowned art galleries, the finest museums and culture acclaimed across the globe, the endless list of things to do in Paris is limited only by your length of stay. This is a city to explore fine architecture, fine art and fine fashion, to walk in the footsteps of royalty and revolutionaries, and to gain a personal insight into the sites that have inspired so many for so long.

Travel tips

Exploring the beauty of this world-famous city is a lifelong dream for many people, and there are a few Paris travel tips that can help ensure your stay lives up to your expectations.  Visitors are required to carry photo ID at all times and be mindful of their personal safety in crowds. Take out travel insurance that covers medical expenses prior to any trip and ensure relevant.

Getting Around

The Paris transport system features a wealth of convenient options that will see you navigating this picturesque city with ease. From walking to bicycling and the underground Metro system, getting around Paris is easy, convenient and highly affordable. To get quickly from point A to point B, the Metro is the best means, but if you’re looking to truly discover the city and its feel, then exploring by foot or even bicycle allows you to take in all the sights. If you’re travelling France by car, it’s best to leave your vehicle at your hotel or in the outskirts of the city, as the CBD traffic...

Where to eat

Paris food and drink has an international reputation for excellence, complexity and incomparable refinement. This is a city home to some of the world’s leading culinary schools where Michelin-starred restaurants abound and renowned chefs come to hone their art. While Paris more than lives up to the reputation that precedes it, it’s not all haute cuisine, fine-dining and multi-course meals. The capital of gastronomy also features a vibrant cafe scene, sumptuous street food, and fresh food markets that are destined to delight. Meanwhile, the multi-cultural influence means there’s flavours to...


Paris shopping truly lives up to expectations with premium designers, chic outlets, and all the latest fashion trends. This city is the global focal point for haute couture and has been for centuries. ...

Best time to travel

The weather in Paris sees this perennially popular city embrace four different personalities. Traditionally, spring and summer are considered the best time to travel to Paris, but the truth is the choice comes down to the places you wish to explore.  Spring finds the city in full bloom, summer sees it relaxed, while autumn features a reflective ambience, and winter is quiet in its chill. If you wish to avoid the crowds, pick the cooler months. As the Paris temperature drops so too do visitor numbers and costs.


Paris parks have long been an essential feature of this picturesque city, with the garden tradition dating right back to Roman times. These days the city is dotted with over 421 municipal parks and gardens breathing life, space and sheer beauty into the city.  From the formal to the spacious, the parks of Paris are as much a feature as the monuments and museums, allowing you to unfurl a picnic blanket, nibble on a baguette, and bask in the sun taking in all the romance and charm for which this city is famed.