Best time to travel to Paris?

The weather in Paris sees this perennially popular city embrace four different personalities. Traditionally, spring and summer are considered the best time to travel to Paris, but the truth is the choice comes down to the places you wish to explore.  Spring finds the city in full bloom, summer sees it relaxed, while autumn features a reflective ambience, and winter is quiet in its chill. If you wish to avoid the crowds, pick the cooler months. As the Paris temperature drops so too do visitor numbers and costs.

What is Summer like in Paris?

Summer finds Paris in truly laidback mode. This is a time of relaxation, strolling in parks and soaking up the sunshine when the atmosphere is less formal, the pace a little slower, but the crowds a little thicker. Most locals go on holiday in August, so some businesses are closed, however this is peak time for tourists in the city. Appropriate clothing: Loose fitting dresses for women, slacks and shirts for men. Don't forget: A hat for picnics in the picturesque Paris parks.

What is Autumn like in Paris?

Lovers of fine art and culture will relish the nostalgic mood that embraces Paris come the turn of the leaves. Although not peak season, the city is spectacular, quietly welcoming in the chill of the air. Appropriate clothing: Tailored pants, jumpers, and cardigans. Don't forget: An umbrella – the Paris rainfall is on the rise.

What is Winter like in Paris?

Fresh romance sweeps through Paris as the city welcomes winter. The streets are more delicate in their beauty, the city quieter in its resolve. If you're visiting around Christmas it's a particularly unique time, with Christmas markets, skating rinks, and festive lights. Appropriate clothing: Boots, pants, and winter jackets. Don't forget: Gloves to ward off the winter chill.

What is Spring like in Paris?

Of all the Paris seasons, spring represents the city best. Paris suddenly re-emerges from the winter chill, revived and refreshed. It's a time for blossoms, parks and picnics but also a popular tourist season, with the romance of Paris in the springtime too enticing to resist. Appropriate clothing: Layered clothing – the days can quickly turn hot or cold. Don't forget: A jacket.