How to get around Paris

The Paris transport system features a wealth of convenient options that will see you navigating this picturesque city with ease. From walking to bicycling and the underground Metro system, getting around Paris is easy, convenient and highly affordable. To get quickly from point A to point B, the Metro is the best means, but if you’re looking to truly discover the city and its feel, then exploring by foot or even bicycle allows you to take in all the sights. If you’re travelling France by car, it’s best to leave your vehicle at your hotel or in the outskirts of the city, as the CBD traffic is notoriously difficult to negotiate, and many hotels do not have parking.

Paris Taxis

Paris boasts around 15,000 taxis, but that doesn't guarantee there will be one readily available, with peak times and busy periods seeing the service in demand. If you're looking to hail a cab, keep an eye out for the white light, which indicates it's unoccupied (while a yellow or dim light means it's in use). There are also a host of taxi stands dotted conveniently around the city. Uber is also used in Paris and readily available.
Be sure take a taxi from an official taxi rank if you're travelling from the airport in Paris.

Paris Public Transport

The Paris public transport system is efficient, organised and easy to use, with bus, tram and underground rail ensuring you get exactly where you want to go safely, conveniently and often very affordably. As one of the oldest underground rail services in the world, the Metro deposits commuters within easy reach of most major tourist destinations, while travelling by bus allows you to see the city.
Cite Metro station is located in the 4th arrondissement, Paris.

Paris Bike Hire

If you're looking for a faster way to see the city than on foot, Paris bike hire is an easy and convenient option. The city operates the Velib bicycle hire program, allowing users to pick up a bike at any number of locations and return it at a service point of their choosing. The services utilises three-speed, unisex bikes. If you use the bike for less than 30 minutes, it's also free.
Paris city bikes are readily available.

Walking Paris

There's something romantic and alluring about walking in Paris. In fact, this is among the best cities to discover on foot, with most major attractions located in proximity to the city. Walking also allows you to discover hidden gems and alleys along the way while gaining a full appreciation of the layout of the city.
Discovering Paris on foot is one of the best ways to get to know the city.