Where to shop in Paris

Paris shopping truly lives up to expectations with premium designers, chic outlets, and all the latest fashion trends. This city is the global focal point for haute couture and has been for centuries.  While shopping in Paris might be synonymous with fashion, clothing is far from the only retail reward on offer. There’s also a host of elegant home furnishing stores and a bevy of artisan delights.  Take a stroll down the Canal Saint-Martin to discover bohemian treasures, or peruse the antique wares of the Marche aux Puces de St-Ouen. Just be sure to bring your wallet and have your credit card in reach.

Boulevard Saint-Germain

Lined with bookstores, souvenir shops, high-end galleries and fashion boutiques, Boulevard Saint-German is the place where the quest for all the latest chic French offerings is truly satiated. Here you'll find homewares, fashion and trendy eateries intermingled with quaint French buildings on one of the foremost Parisian streets for shopping.
Boulevard Saint-Germain, one of the best Parisian streets for shopping.

Rue de Rivoli

This heavenly haven for shoppers offers all the glamour and romance of Paris with some serious retail packed in. Running alongside the Tuileries Garden and Louvre, this stretch is home to so many stores it's hard to visit them all within a single day. There are the big names of the retail realm with unique Paris fashion boutiques also on offer.
The Rue de Rivoli is an incredible shopping destination in Paris, France.

Rue du Commerce

Just a short stroll from the Eiffel Tower, Rue du Commerce is where Parisians come to shop, sourcing the latest popular styles, perusing the small boutiques and taking in the Parisian charm. It's known as a hidden retail gem but the secret is certainly out. Many flock to this area where all the latest Paris trends are on offer – without the high-end price tags.
Another shopping street similar to Rue du Commerce is Rue Montorgueil, above, which has more of a foodie, market vibe.

Boulevard Haussmann

Spend a day in some of the world's most foremost department stores at the seminal shopping destination that is Boulevard Haussmann. This renowned precinct is home to shopping institutions such as Printemps, Monoprix and Galeries Lafayette. However, it's not all vast department stores and history. Boulevard Haussmann also offers up its fair share of unique boutiques and independent outlets.
Boulevard Haussmann, Paris, with the Paris Opera House (Palais Garnier) in the background.

Le Marais

Trendy boutiques, vintage stores and restaurants all jostle jovially for prime position in the vibrant shopping precinct of Le Marais. This former home to nobility features narrow pre-revolution streets that accommodate cutting-edge fashion and retro flair. It's a prime destination for tourists and locals alike, with many stores also open on Sunday mornings – unlike the rest of the city.
Le Marais is one of the most intriguing neighbourhoods in Paris, with eclectic shopping to match.

Les Halles

In the 1970s, the former food market precinct of Les Halles was transformed into one of the most iconic Paris shopping centres – again overhauled in 2016. Where market stall holders once sold fruit and vegetables for the city's restaurants, now trendy boutiques and brand-name stores are housed in a stunning underground, multi-level shopping mall that's also home to cafes, cinemas and all the latest fashions under one convenient roof.
Les Halles began as a fresh food market, centuries ago, and now contains an abundance of modern retail outlets.