When is the best time to travel to Perth?

Perth is home to weather patterns that are all its own. Neither as tropical as Brisbane nor as chilly as Hobart, the weather in Perth stays reasonably warm year-round. This is great news for you because it means there’s no wrong answer when you’re wondering when the best time to visit Perth is. Outside of the cooler months, Perth isn’t especially prone to rain, which also means you can safely plan any outdoor activities well in advance. With the exception of certain public holidays, all of Perth’s major attractions are open year-round too.

What is Summer like in Perth?

Summer in Perth is regularly quite hot and very dry. Rainfall is very rare during the summer months but the normally reasonable Perth temperature can spike upward quite dramatically. What this means is that summer is perfect for the many water-based activities in Perth. Spend a day on the river – there's nowhere better than Perth for hot days on the water. Appropriate clothing: Keep it simple with t-shirts, shorts, skirts and sandals. Don't forget: Sunscreen and water for those dry, sunny days.

What is Autumn like in Perth?

During autumn, the soaring summer temperatures begin to subside and return to something more manageable – between 18°C and 25°C. The humidity also begins to rise in autumn, one of the few times of year where it will rear its head. Rain appears in short bursts throughout this period, usually only for a day or so before the sun makes a return. Appropriate clothing: Summer clothes plus a jacket and some jeans for the evenings. Don't forget: Sunscreen – the UV index is still quite high.

What is Winter like in Perth?

Winter is the only time of year when Perth tends to retreat indoors. It's also the only season when Perth rainfall may significantly hamper your outdoor plans, but this is a great excuse to immerse yourself in Perth's booming cultural scene. Art galleries and museums are open all year and many of them are free to visit. Appropriate clothing: A few jumpers, warm pants and perhaps a scarf. Don't forget: Plan ahead for potential wet weather.

What is Spring like in Perth?

Spring Spring in Perth is almost a direct mirror of autumn – comfortable temperatures, sunny weather, and very little rain to speak of. While pockets of humidity will show up here and there, they're not as intense as those found after summer. Of all four Perth seasons, spring is the one travellers and locals alike recommend the most. Appropriate clothing: Breathable clothes during the day, jackets and jeans for the cooler evenings. Don't forget: Sunscreen and water.