How to get around Perth

From trains to ferries, Perth transport makes it easy to get around the city no matter where you’re staying.  If you’re in Perth for a while, make sure you pick up a SmartRider card from your nearest convenience store and enjoy access to every Transperth bus, train and ferry in the city and surrounding suburbs. Top it up as you need to, and use it as often or as little as you like.  Below is a bit of background on the many different transport options in Perth to help you make the most of your stay in the west and always arrive on time.


There are many taxi companies operating in Perth, from the familiar white Swan Taxis to the venerable Black and White Cabs. Perth taxis are still among the best way to take in the city's streets, suburbs and architecture while spotting activities to check out later. More often than not, hailing a taxi is also the most direct way to travel to your destination.


Perth's bus network is wide-ranging indeed and is one of the most reliable ways to get around town. Stops are clearly marked and will tell you exactly which routes are passing through. What's more, buses will frequently warn passengers when approaching certain stops in case they need to change buses at any point. These reliable vehicles are the backbone of Perth's public transport system.

On foot

With all its fabulous parks and public squares, walking Perth is one of the most rewarding ways to travel the city. Walking allows you to slow your pace, take in the city and its atmosphere, and stumble upon its many wonderful secrets. Perth has hundreds of walking trails just waiting for you to find and explore them.