How to get around Phuket

From the traditional Thai tuk-tuks to the multipurpose minibus, there’s a wide selection of Phuket transport options. Getting around the main island of Phuket is simple, too. It doesn’t take much to arrange a visit to Patong Beach in the west before going to Chalong Bay in the east by jumping on a bus or hailing a taxi. Alternatively, hire a car or motorbike to get around Phuket at your own speed. Walking the island is also an option. Some tourist attractions are within strolling distance of one another and other locations on the surrounding islands are only accessible by foot. Just make sure you bring some comfortable, sturdy shoes!

Phuket Taxis

From the airport, you can take a Phuket taxi with fixed fares depending on your destination. To get the fairest price, make sure your driver has the meter turned on. Some taxis are un-metered. In this case be prepared to bargain for the cost of your ride and make sure both parties agree to the price before setting off.
Taxis offering fixed fares are available from the airport in Phuket.

Phuket Public Transport

If you visit Thailand, you have to ride in a traditional tuk-tuk at least once! There are always plenty available, but make sure you agree on a price with the driver before you leave. Other Phuket public transport options include the air-conditioned minibus and the open-air song taew (local bus). These buses have specific destinations, but you can ask to be dropped off anywhere along the route.
There are loads of ways to get from A to B in Phuket.

Phuket Car and Scooter Hire

Phuket car and scooter hire companies will ask for your passport, Australian driver's licence, and an International Driving Permit. Make sure you bring these documents as well as photocopies. You can rent a car straight from the airport or your hotel. Scooters are favoured by the locals, but if you prefer your bikes to be bigger you can hire 500cc motorbikes and dirt bikes for longer or off-road adventures. Always make sure your travel insurance covers you riding a motor bike or scooter.
Roads can be very busy in Phuket so make sure your insurance covers you.

Walking Phuket

Walking around Phuket is a great way to see what this beautiful island has to offer at your own pace. There are organised walking tours will give you an overview of the history and highlight any interesting locations, especially in the Old Town district. You can also opt to walk on your own and explore the path less taken. Be sure to wear a hat, sunscreen, and comfortable footwear.
Walking is the best way to see Phuket's old town.