When is the best time to travel to Rome

From postcards and tourist videos, the weather in Rome may seem perpetually hot and sunny. However, it does vary according to the four seasons. In summer, the heat makes locals flee to more coastal towns in Italy. However, this is also the most popular time for international visitors, so touristy areas are quite busy.  In autumn, the weather cools down and harvest season provides a lot of good eats in the city. Winters are chilly and wet but worth it for anyone seeking Christmas festivity. Meanwhile, springtime brings a bit of warmth as well as plenty of flowers into the city.

What is Summer like in Rome?

When in Rome for the summer, be prepared to slap on sunscreen and slide on the sunnies. July is the hottest month and temperatures can reach highs of 32°C. Many historic landmarks have long lines with little shade, so consider bringing an umbrella and plenty of water. Appropriate clothing: Loose and lightweight clothing such as shirts and shorts. Don't forget: Cover up your knees and shoulders when visiting churches.

What is Autumn like in Rome?

Autumn in Rome brings balmy weather averaging around 23°C. Visiting during this time of year allows you to enjoy the city without the overpowering summer heat. Instead, you'll be treated to the tail end of peak season. Appropriate clothing: Light layers that you can remove or put on as needed, such as a sweater and jeans. Don't forget: Comfortable walking shoes.

What is Winter like in Rome?

While snowfall is extremely rare, winter in Rome can be quite chilly with average lows of 2°C. From December until February, expect rain showers that come and go. Still, spending Christmas in Rome is considered a highlight as most piazzas are full of holiday cheer. Appropriate clothing: Leather boots and a sturdy jacket. Don't forget: Locals insist on a woollen vest and a scarf to avoid the cold and the wind.

What is Spring like in Rome?

From March until June, Rome becomes warmer with average temperatures of 24°C. You'll find the city in bloom, and locals filling up the parks and gardens to celebrate the start of summer. If you're in the city to participate in the Holy Week and Easter celebrations, be sure to book your tickets and accommodation early. Appropriate clothing: Light layers. Don't forget: You can refill your bottles with water from Rome's drinking fountains.