When is the best time to travel to San Francisco

The weather in San Francisco is cool year-round, so don’t let the ‘Bay Area’ name fool you – this is no swimming hotspot. However, there’s a pleasant crispness to the air that makes a stroll through the city or one of its serene parks all the more enjoyable.  Surrounded on almost all sides by the ocean and bay, San Francisco’s weather can also be difficult to predict. Rain and fog often blanket the early morning skies. Though, one thing is certain in the Bay Area, and that’s the guarantee of strikingly brilliant sunsets. Don’t forget the seasons are flipped compared to back home. San Francisco is a happening travel destination in any season, but you’ll want to avoid December-February if you’re sensitive to the cold.

What is Summer like in San Francisco?

San Francisco summers have little in common with that of the Southern Hemisphere. The summer months in the bay area are typically overcast and cool. The average temperature sits around a fresh 57°F (14°C). In summer, rainfall is at its lowest for the year, and towards the end of August the fog over the Golden Gate Bridge clears to reveal a truly spectacular view. Appropriate clothing: Long pants and a warm jacket. Don't forget: A camera to capture the majestic fog over the Golden Gate Bridge.

What is Autumn like in San Francisco?

Autumn (or ‘Fall') is one of the best times of year for weather. The sun is out and the days are reasonably warm. The autumn average temperature doesn't vary from summer – still 14°C – and rainfall is a rare occurrence. The evenings are mild and clear, perfect for getting out and about after dark! Appropriate clothing: Long pants and a warm jacket. Don't forget: Sunscreen, and a nice jacket for the evenings.

What is Winter like in San Francisco?

Snow is an extreme rarity in San Francisco. Since 1887, snow has only been recorded to have fallen once, over 40 years ago. Nevertheless, winter is a chilly affair with average temperatures of around 50°F (10°C). Rainfall is also at its peak in winter, with storms from the coasts of Mexico and Central America bringing anything from light showers to torrential downpours. Appropriate clothing: Warm socks and a thick jumper. Don't forget: Your raincoat or a reliable umbrella.

What is Spring like in San Francisco?

Spring is the most inviting time to visit San Francisco. The skies are clear and the warmest days of the year often occur during these months. The average spring temperature sits around 52°F (11°C), and the city is noticeably free from the spring showers that dampen other parts of the nation. Appropriate clothing: Shorts and light clothing. Don't forget: Sunglasses.