How to get around San Francisco

San Francisco transport is made simple by all the options for getting around available to you. Cable cars provide an authentic tourist experience. While travelling the hilly streets of the Bay Area from a vintage cable car, you can soak in the excellent views and people-watch to your heart’s content.  Rapid public transport options are also available in the form of an elevated and subway rail system. If you’re comfortable on a bicycle, a whole different travel experience awaits you. Alternatively, you could walk San Francisco to discover something quirky on every block – just make sure you pack your most comfortable walking shoes.


Taxi fares in San Francisco can become quite expensive, depending on your desired destination. Trips from the airport to areas outside of the city limits can increase your fare quite drastically in price, so it's good to know your transport options before ordering a cab. It's also customary in the San Francisco to tip taxi drivers between 10-15% of your overall fare.


The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system will quickly deliver you from the airport to downtown, and from inner-city districts to surrounding counties quickly and affordably. If you're planning on using the BART frequently, purchasing a Clipper card is a good idea. Clipper is a reloadable smart card used for electronic fare payment – it takes the hassle out of dealing in small change.

Cable Cars

For the steepest hills in town, it's best to let San Francisco's famous cable cars do the legwork. Instantly recognisable for their unique style, most popular cable car routes run every 10 minutes. All-day passes are available, or you can pay as you go. Remember to hold on tight! The cable cars are constantly stopping for passengers and traffic.

Walking San Francisco

San Francisco is extremely well suited to exploring on foot. With something to see on every corner, you never know where you'll find yourself stepping into off the bustling city streets. San Francisco's stunning parks are also home to some of the most picturesque walking trails. Stroll through San Francisco's most beautiful spots, natural or otherwise.

Bike Share

Bay Area Bike Share is the newest San Francisco public transport system. The idea is simple. Purchase a single ride or a day pass and enjoy a leisurely ride through some of the city's most bike-friendly areas. There are 540 bike stations and 7,000 bikes across five cities, making hiring and dropping off completely hassle-free.