How to get around Singapore

Getting from place to place is easy and quick thanks to the efficiency of Singapore transport and the intelligent layout of the city. Plentiful taxis provide a direct and affordable route to wherever you want to go next. Alternatively, the city’s colour-coded, five-line rail system and buses mean you can enjoy getting around Singapore like a local. If you can cope with the heat and humidity, walking is often a decent option, depending on where you’re headed. To get further on your own steam, consider hiring a bike and pedalling your way through Singapore.

Singapore Taxis

Despite the exorbitant cost of owning and operating a car in Singapore, the taxis here are rather affordable. Singapore taxis are comfortable and plentiful, particularly in well-trafficked areas like Orchard Road and Little India, and the drivers are typically friendly and knowledgeable. For short-to-medium trips, a taxi will often be your best option, and it won't leave a large dent in your holiday budget.
You'll find it easy to hail a taxi in downtown Singapore.

Singapore Public Transport

Singapore's public transport system is impressive, especially the train system (signed as MRT and LRT). Simply work out where you need to go and head for the corresponding coloured line. Buying an EZ-Link card will make getting around Singapore even simpler. Just try to avoid going in or out of the city during typical peak times. Singapore is densely populated, so rush hour isn't the most pleasant experience.
A SMRT train at Boon Lay MRT Station in Jurong West, Singapore.

Singapore Bike Hire

The Singapore government doesn't have a bike hire initiative like some cities in Australia do. However, some private businesses like The Bicycle Hut will provide you with bicycles to loan. The bike share app oBike is also available in Singapore. Unless you're an avid cyclist, it's easiest to stick to taxis and/or trains during your holiday.
If you're keen on biking around Singapore, there are a couple of options.

Walking Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful city to explore on foot, but be prepared for sweltering weather and heavy humidity. If you're sensitive to the heat, it's best to travel by taxi or train and only rely on walking where necessary (e.g. when exploring the stunning Gardens by the Bay or the Singapore Botanic Gardens).
The best way to discover Singapore's street markets is to walk.