Bolivia's remoteness and position amongst world-famous countries such as Brazil, Peru, Agentina and Chile, often means it gets overlooked by travellers. However, this is one country you shouldn't miss when touring South America. The country is home to one side of Lake Titicaca, blessed with diverse cities including La Paz and Santa Cruz, and also features the world's most dangerous road. There's a lot more to love about Bolivia and you can discover it all by embarking on one of the many tours available.

Don't miss these Bolivia attractions

  • Mountain bike tours on Yungas Road
  • La Paz city tours
  • Lake Titicaca and Copacabana
  • Salar de Uyuni
  • Witches' Market

Unique experiences with nature

Bolivia, like many other South American countries, is the type of place where you can enjoy a plethora of unique experiences, particularly when it comes to exploring the natural surrounds. If you want to start with one of the biggest, you should head out to Yungas Road, which has been dubbed the world's most dangerous road thanks to its narrow width, steep drop and lack of guard rails.

For a more relaxing day, join a full-day tour out to Lake Titicaca, where you can take a dip in gorgeous water, explore the town of Copacabana and see ancient ruins. Don't stop there; the world's largest salt plain is waiting for you in Uyuni.

Culture and shopping in Bolivia

The markets found in La Paz combine the thrills of discovering new culture with finding items that don't exist anywhere else in the world. The Witches' Market is one of the most famous areas and has been dubbed as such due to the wonderfully eccentric items and people you can see there. With a little bit of haggling you could purchase a cheap potion or dried snake.

Outside of the markets, culture exists down every street you walk along. One of the best ways to see it all while discovering the history of the place is by taking walking tours of the cities. There's even a guided tour out to the Heritage-listed ruins of Tiwanaku if you want to trek back far in time. 

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