The World Heritage-listed Galapagos Islands, which are part of Ecuador, are one of the great natural wonderlands on planet earth. There are 18 main volcanic islands within the archipelago; with each island featuring unique terrain and unusual wildlife. The best way to fully appreciate the region is by visiting as many of these main islands as possible and the perfect way to do so is with a dedicated Galapagos Island tour.

Don't miss these Galapagos Islands attractions

  • Charles Darwin Research Centre
  • Snorkelling and diving tours
  • Tortuga Bay
  • Kayaking out to Kicker Rock
  • Swimming with sea lions at Las Loberias

Cruise the Galapagos Islands

There are a variety of cruise lengths for a Galapagos Island tour and a range of boats to choose from. Most tours start from the airport on Baltra Island and include a range of off-shore excursions. The most popular option is snorkelling and diving in the crystal clear reserve waters to experience the wondrous marine life surrounding the islands.

Join a guided land-based tour to appreciate the scenery, birdlife and native animals. Walk around the rim of Sierra Negra, or trek through the Miconia forest trails to meet the iconic giant tortoises. When hiking along lava rock trails you may encounter blue-footed boobies, and see marine iguanas and sea lions sunning themselves on the beach.

Island Hop

A great way to discover the many Galapagos Islands is by island-hopping. Stop at Bartolomé Island, which is a volcanic islet, and sight the famous Galapagos sea lions, fur seals and Flightless Cormorants on Fernandina Island. Green sea turtles are known to nest on Floreana Island while Española Island is home to an array of bird life.

Lucky travellers may also sight flamingos, fairy penguins and whales while island-hopping. No matter what you see in the Galapagos, you’re sure to witness some of the most intriguing, untouched landscapes on earth. Famous for being explored by evolutionist Charles Darwin, the islands and its inhabitants helped him form his theory of evolution. Tour the footsteps of Darwin himself!

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