Top 5 Bali restaurants

Thu, 12/04/2018 - 5:22pm
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As people start to discover the wonders of Bali, the Indonesian island is constantly adapting and evolving, and its food scene is steps ahead. New cafes and restaurants are frequently popping up and offering exciting new culinary experiences. We’ve found 5 of the best restaurants for you to visit on your trip to Bali!


Kubu. Photo: Supplied.

Located on the longest river in Bali, Ayung River, Kubu gives guests a sense of wonder and tranquillity as they indulge in the Mediterranean-European inspired cuisine. This fine dining experience gives diners the choice of al-la-carte style dining, or a specialty degustation menu which shows off the skills of their Executive Chef, Maurizio Bombini. With an illustrious career set in several countries, including Monaco, Switzerland and his native Italy, Bombini has the culinary knowledge to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

Kubu means “hut” in Indonesian, and the restaurant takes inspiration from traditional huts used by Balinese farmers. The open-air bamboo structure offers views out onto the river itself, allowing diners to feel truly relaxed and enjoy the surrounding nature. There are more intimate options too, with private dining cocoons on offer for those who prefer their privacy.

Naughty Nuri

Spare ribs at Naughty Nuri. Photo: Supplied.

You’re always in for a memorable night at Naughty’s! Get a photo on the Piggy Throne located out the back in the Piggy Garden, then head inside for top quality spare ribs or their other hearty grilled meals. Brave diners are invited to try to finish 3 martinis or 4 margaritas to get their name carved onto the walls of the restaurant. Plus, every time you order one, the wait-staff will perform their “Shake-Shake” dance! Be careful though, the “dirtiest martinis on the island” pack a punch and are notoriously larger than the standard size.

Round up your travel companions and head to Naughty Nuri for a truly unique night out that will have everyone in stitches.

La Lucciola

La Lucciola. Photo: Supplied.

With a 25 year-old legacy in the Balinese food scene, La Lucciola has seen many happy guests through its doors, including many high profile actors and directors. The Frangipani Lounge is a great way to start the evening of dining with some of the venue’s signature cocktails and creative bar food menu. Large groups can enjoy an intimate setting in the Firefly Room, with the ceiling lit up as if it were covered in fireflies.

Looking directly out onto Seminyak Beach, the restaurant offers stunning views to enjoy while you dine. The primarily Italian menu is accompanied by an impressive wine list, and their desserts are inventive and indulgent.

Atlas Kitchen & Coffee

Chicken waffles at Atlas Kitchen & Coffee. Photo: Supplied.

This modest venue would right at home in any coffee-crazed city like Melbourne or New York. With creative latte art to accompany their delicious meals, Atlas is a must-visit if you’re in the Seminyak area. Quickly rising up the ranks of restaurants in the area, Atlas have been wowing customers with their delicious South East Asian fusion meals. The positive reviews have been rolling in since their opening late last year, and aren’t slowing down any time soon. Try their signature Curry Laksa, or something a little more unique like the honey butter chicken waffle! 

Fat Chow

Tokyo Prawns from Fat Chow. Photo: Supplied.

Self-described as “quirky-adopted-Chinese cousin”, Fat Chow is a unique restaurant where almost everything inside is recycled! There’s a reason this place is always busy; while the décor draws in the eyes, it’s the delicious menu that keeps customers coming back for more. A favourite is their Tokyo Prawn (delicious prawns wrapped in noodles with homemade sweet chilli sauce), or try the authentic Indonesian Bak-Mie Laksa.


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