Stories By Sammy Gibson

Sitting on a vintage surfboard, her legs were absorbed into the reflection of the shimmering sand on the oceans glassy surface. She stared at marine floor- the tropical, deadly reef of Plenkung Alas Purwo. Sammy Gibson had ventured to the Arc of the Ancient Forest on the South Eastern corner of Java to discover the true Indonesia. She came across Komodo dragons living alongside toothless locals with sunken eyes and sun kissed skin residing in a small tribe in the trees. It is here she realised her love of falling off the commercial grid and immersing herself into colourful cultures, remote locations and adrenaline infused travel. Since then she has wandered through the jasmine scented markets of Laos, hiked the snow-capped Great Wall of China, surfed the rocky coastline of Central America, found magicians on the sands of the Caribbean, competed and won Air New Zealand's Great Bali Race. Being the product of a hippy and a naturalist, she grew up travelling New Zealand in the back of a van in search of music festivals. It is no wonder she seeks the hidden pockets of each country. She is now off to uncover the special insides in the vast body of Africa.