When is the best time to travel to Vancouver?

Positioned on the south-western corner of the Canadian continent, weather in Vancouver is actually far more temperate than that of other Canadian cities.  Its winters are cold, but less so than somewhere further north like Edmonton. The summers mirror an Australian autumn, warm enough to remain comfortable without being blazingly hot. Overall, however, Australians unused to cooler climes should make sure they bring enough warm clothes.

What is Summer like in Vancouver?

Many locals will tell you the best time to travel to Vancouver is during the summer and, if you love the outdoors, they might just be right. The local temperatures sit at comfortable highs of 21°C and overnight lows of about 6°C. The sun is out, the weather is clear and, better yet, the hockey season is reaching its climax and the whole city will be buzzing. Appropriate clothing: Shirts and jeans, but also warm clothes in case of cold changes. Don't forget: Go Canucks! (That's the Vancouver hockey team.)

What is Autumn like in Vancouver?

Vancouver is one of the few Canadian cities to see a genuine autumn. As is the norm for Vancouver seasons, the warmer temperatures decline after summer, starting with highs of 19°C in September, dropping quickly during October, and settling around highs of 9°C in November. There is rather patchy rain throughout this period, which may hamper any day trips you have scheduled. Appropriate clothing: Jackets, jumpers, jeans, thermal underwear – layers! Don't forget: An umbrella.

What is Winter like in Vancouver?

Winter is when the Vancouver temperature will remind you of how close you are to the Arctic. A fabulous time of year for those who prefer the indoors, winter in Vancouver is almost constantly cloudy, very foggy, and often rainy. The Vancouver rainfall frequently takes the place of any serious snow, though snowfalls of up to 10cm are to be expected as the temperature will struggle to break 5°C. Also, winter is when hockey season begins so the whole city will be pumped! Appropriate clothing: Cold weather gear and wet weather gear. Don't forget: Outdoor activities are not advisable. Once again, go Canucks!

What is Spring like in Vancouver?

Like autumn, Vancouver is blessed with a genuine spring. The temperature lifts to around 10°C and keeps climbing as June and summer grow nearer. The local flora bursts back to life, leaving the countryside a riot of colour. This is the perfect time to get out into nature, provided you don't mind still being a touch chilly. Appropriate clothing: Stick to warm clothes, unless travelling close to summer. Don't forget: Sunscreen – just because it's still chilly doesn't mean you can't get burnt.