Where to stay in Vancouver

When thinking about where to stay in Vancouver, the most important consideration is locality – how close is your hotel to the things you want to see and do most? Choosing accommodation with this in mind will help cut down on your overall transport costs, leaving you with more money to enjoy your holiday and buy some great souvenirs. The value of being able to leave your hotel in the morning and only having a short walk to the day’s destinations cannot be overstated. To get you started, here’s a short list of our favourite areas to stay in Vancouver.

Downtown Vancouver

Downtown is one of the best areas to stay in Vancouver if you plan to spend a lot of time exploring museums, galleries, and other indoor activities. Sites like Science World and the Vancouver Art Gallery are all within walking distance of most Downtown hotels, and the area is littered with some of the best cafes in the city.
People walking in Downtown Vancouver

Gastown and Chinatown

Two of the oldest parts of town, Gastown and Chinatown are also two of the best places to stay in Vancouver – especially if you have a love for heritage-listed Victorian-era architecture. Filled with wonderful parks, galleries, bars, cafes and high fashion, staying in Gastown or Chinatown gives you a little bit of everything right at your hotel doorstep.
Historic buildings in Gastown, Vancouver

The West End

Vancouver's West End is the perfect place to stay if you're looking to spend time exploring the urban jungle. Parks and walking trails are the biggest pulls here, along with a great selection of cafes and shopping opportunities. It's also quite close to the harbour so those with a love for maritime history will have a great time here.
Aerial view of West End and Stanley Park


Yaletown will put you only a short walk from several major sporting locations, so if you're excited to go to a real hockey match then this is the area for you. If you're getting out and about, gardens and walking trails abound, including the historic Seawall. It's easy to catch the ferry to Granville at any time as well.
Homer Street in Yaletown, Vancouver


Welcome to one of the most dense and diverse suburbs in the city. Choosing a room in Granville will provide you with countless things to see and do for the duration of your stay, from shopping to hiking to galleries and more. This is quite a popular destination, however, so make sure you lock in your accommodation early.
Burrard Bridge and Granville Island at sunset